Wednesday, 27 April 2011

New Blog!

Hey everybody! It’s Syuri ^^ So weird typing out my intro like this… ><
The red squiggly line is annoying –w-# Why doesn't it just accept my name? ;T^T; They can’t appear when I speak on my videos though…

So on popular request, I’ve finally decided to make a blog which will be based more on product reviews, outfits/faces of the days and my everyday life; whereas my channel is more tutorial oriented...
I hope I’m making sense so far ^^"

So in otherwords, my blog and channel with be working along side each other, side by side ;3 So I hope you decide to follow both (yes, I’m shamelessly advertising myself- but it’s so fun! You can’t blame me XD)

I’ll try to post at least once in every 3-4 days… and yeah- please look forward to my posts ^^

Much love~ <3

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