Thursday, 28 April 2011

Spring OOTD

A quick outfit of the day before i go out for my haircut (just a small trim I get monthly) ;)

White dress is from Jack Willis, hat is from Collect Point, stretchy belt is from Cecil McBee and I'm taking my white bag (with brown polka-dotted ribbon) from NaRaYa. Gonna wear my gladiator sandals in tan when I go ^^

Isn't this outfit just too kyute~?
Just had to share XD

.... and yeah- I'm not wearing makeup since I'm scared that they might wash half my face off later when they wash my hair...

So please please pleeeeeaaaaase excuse my bare face ne???

Much love~ <3
Syuri- out.


  1. Such a cute outfit~!! I love the hat :DDD And you're lucky that your skin is so beautiful!!

  2. Hello, saw your bulletin on youtube and followed you here ^^/ Please check out my fashion blog too!