Sunday, 29 May 2011

Mini (Expensive) Haul

So... I was shopping for my friend's birthday presents as I sadly (and uncontrollably) splurged a bit lot for myself as well...

I only brought 3 things but I'm already broke T^T as in really really broke, don't expect any more hauls from me anytime soon ><

So... what did I get? I got a MAC lipgelee (in Smile), a NARS blush (in Oasis)- which is mainly the reason I am bankrupt, and a Concealer Palette from a local brand.

  - see my finger? XD

Anyways, tell me if you girls/guys want any swatches kay?

Much love,

Saturday, 28 May 2011


I have previously ordered a pair of earrings from FJB before, and I love their products! So, I'm really excited to be telling you all about a giveaway they're hosting ^^

To enter there are three easy steps!
1. Subscribe
2. Sign up for newsletter
3. Follow on facebook

Easy right?

Much love,

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Review: Ashley Gray Circle Lenses

Shipping was super fast as usual- 4 days! And I'm already in love with the lenses XD

The glass containers of these lenses were a little more difficult to open than usual- but nothing drastic- nothing broke ;3 With every pair of lenses from ColorCircle they also give a case, a pair of lens tweezers, small container to hold liquids and a case for all those ^^


Product: Neo Vision Make Up Eyes Ashley Gray Circles Lenses
Manufacturer: Neo Vision
Made in: Korea
Lens Diameter: 14mm
Lens Graphic Diameter: 13.6mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Poly2HEMA* Content: 62%
Water Content: 38%
Lens Lifetime: 6 to 8 months upon opening


Very natural and sweet looking, very pretty gradient and no harsh limbo ring too. But the opacity is only so-so since my eyes are normally very very dark- they're almost black, although if you naturally have lighter eyes this could show up better on you.

Not much- but since it enhanced the natural darkness of my pupils it looks like a lot.

Super super comfortable, I didn't expect this from smaller brands- but these lenses are definitely as comfortable as EOS lenses. They are very thin and I feel like my eyes can still breath when I have them on.

I'd recommend them (the lenses) to:
Dark eye colored girls/boys if they'd like: a natural enlargement and a darker gray color
Light eye colored girls/boys if they'd like: a natural enlargement and a gray that covers the saturation of your natural eye color

I don't recommend them (the lenses) to:
Naturally gray or blue eyed girls/boys ^^ As I said- enlargement is quite minimum and I don't think you should invest in gray lenses that are quite sheer if you have naturally gray or blue eyes (blue eyes too because gray pigments can turn blue on blue eyes)


You can get them here:

The lenses were sent to me for reviewing purposes. I was not paid to say anything, they are 100% my own opinions.


Saturday, 21 May 2011

Next Review: Ashley Gray Circle Lenses

I just recieved my package today! 
Isn't it great that Hong Kong mail still functions as usual until 9am on Saturdays?

I'll be reviewing a pair of Neo Vision Make Up Eyes Ashley Gray Circles Lenses (that's a mouthful isn't it?) sometime next week, I want to wear them a few times before telling you if they're comfortable or not and whether I develop any negative reactions to them ^^

First impression wise... (Just by looking at them in the bottle, I haven't opened them yet ><)
I'm in love with them! The graphics looks pretty opaque while the gradient is very fine and smooth, the limbo ring is also very fine so they look quite natural compared to some out there in the circle lens market with it's graphics only being at only 13.6mm. My irises are 12.8mm normally anyway, I got them checked professionally and I'd advise anyone that wants to try circle lenses do the same ^^

Manufacturer: Neo Vision
Made in: Korea
Lens Diameter: 14mm
Lens Graphic Diameter: 13.6mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Poly2HEMA* Content:
Water Content: 38%
Lens Lifetime: 6 to 8 months upon opening

Forms Hydrogel when in contact with water

Please look forward to it ;3

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Wishlist for Summer

So as you can probably tell from the title, this post is about things I need and unfrotunately we get late in Hong Kong T^T

I have a rough list of things I want already and I've already saved up quite a bit (because I wanna get more stuff for the contest and giveaway winners and I need to pay for shipping).

Here they are:
Majoromantica F Perfume 
from Majolica Majorca's Summer '11 Collection

When I originally had a sniff of the original Majoromantica, I remember thinking that it had too strong of a spicy tone to it but loving the scent.

Upon seeing a promo picture for this in an ad for MJ upcoming collection- I knew I had to search up the notes to check if it was just as sweet as it's predecessor.

After reading the notes, I knew I hd to get this- it's all the sweetness I remember, just sweeter and younger! Not to mention the gorgeous bottle~

Top (Juicy Fruity): Strawberry, pomegranate, apple, fig, mangosteen, bergamot, lemon and orange. 
Middle (Herbal Floral): Rose, musk peas, jasmine, lily of the valley, chamomile and sage. 
Base (Sweet Romantic): Vanilla, maple syrup, brown sugar, sandalwood, amber, musk and oak moss. 

Ever Hip Lipstick
from MAC's Fashion Flower Collection

I got mine last year with Liberty of London, and honestly- I love it so much I haven't used it because I was scared I wouldn't be able to purchase it again! I love Ever Hip so much I might even buy two this time ^^

This bright coral color has to be one of my all time favorites for Spring and Summer, it's a great color that definitely brightens up our days!

Hibiscus Lipstick
from MAC's Surf Baby! Collection

I think we all know that I'm a lipstick junkie by now, and a bright reddened coral color is too good for me to pass XD

Shame on the packaging though... (I just can't seem to appreciate special packagings)... now I have to pay more >< Netherless- this is a really excitingly bright color~

IPOOL Contact Lens Auto Cleaner in Green

This contact lenses cleaner is just way too too adorable - I mean... It's a frogi!

Not to mention how useful and effective it'd be for people like me- lazy people who enjoy wearing lenses but never seem to have enough time to wash them daily.

Hygiene is very important if you wear contact lenses. So investing in a good cleaner is always good ^^

OPI Sikver Shatter Nail Polish
from "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" Collection

I need this in my life, look at the picture- need I say more?

theBalm Frat Boy Blush

Okay- so the name is a complete turn-off for me. But the color is way too lovable.
A peachy apricot pink that bright and youthful- perfect for spring and summer! Unfortunately... I won't be getting this until late June XP

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Etude House Miss Tangerine Cream Choux Blusher Review

Miss Tangerine Cream Choux Blushers from Etude House are long-lasting dry cream blushers designed to be worn on top of foundation or BB cream.

They come in 4 colors:
#1 Miss Tangerine: Matte, a bright, almost neon warm toned orange
#2 Miss Peach: Matte, a pale creamy yellow-toned peach
#3 Miss Berry: Matte, a pale, but bright blue-toned pink
#4 Miss Grape Matte, a muted slightly grey lavender

Each bottle has 12grams of product, and with the amount you need to get good color payoff, I'd say that it could last you up to a year ^^

The packaging...
Too too CUTE! The packaging resembles an over-sized lipstick tube, with a Matte tube and a shiny cap and 'Tangerine'. The color of the product is also printed on the tube (super useful! I hate how I can never figure out the color if I accidentally peeled off the sticker or something ><). Ingredients and maybe a description of the product or two are printed on the back of the tube... but unfortunately- in korean.

The product...
Has a very fluffy and creamy consistency, with a slight bounce to it. They blend like a dream and feel very silky and soft on the skin. They are not drying at all! Once blended out, it feels as if there is nothing on your cheeks! I feel that pigmentation on these are very good in regards to other cream blushes (better than Clinique and Canmake's), but definitely not as pigmented as Make Up For Ever HD Blush, I'd say that it's in between Stilla's Convertible Colors and Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges.

The cost...
-Unable to say since I was sent this- But I think that it depends on where you live. If you live in Asia- this is very very affordable, but if you don't live near Asia- it could be a little hard to get...

The good...
The packaging, 2NE1's Dara and the color names= cuteness overdose! So definitely just about everything ^^ But let's get to the more 'cosmetic' side...
I also love how they are Matte finishes but don't look or feel drying, I'm very impressed by how well they photograph!
Wear time is an 'up' point for me as well! I got up to 8-9 hours of wear time after I set it with my RMK Translucent Powder (no matter what cream blush- you should always set it!). The blush even stains my cheeks slightly~

The bad...
It's color selection that got a down point from me... only 4 colors is definitely not enough T^T not to mention 2 of the 4 and almost unwearable >< Miss Tangerine is very very bright and Miss Grape can turn up ashy on your skin because of it's grey-ness! Not to mention that they are mostly shades garnered towards asian yellow-based skins, and they don't really compliment caucasian, tan or dark skin well.

Recommended to...
People with yellow or peachy tones and fair skin. I'd say Miss Berry would work well if you have cooler tones and Miss Peach and Miss Tangerine would compliment those with warm tones... (I really can't see Miss Grape working for a lot of people though >< It's a little purple to use as a highlight, but way too grey to use as a blush...)
I can see a lot of Matte blush lovers (like me XD) liking this also, Miss Berry would also serve well to all those of you interested in gyaru or ulzzang makeup trends ;3
...and maybe 2NE1 fans? Dara definitely swayed my decision in choosing this XD

 Me wearing the pink one (sorry for the absolutely horrid lighting T^T), the pictures were taken in my old house and the purple walls are horrid XP

I was sent these products from for reviewing purposes, no- I wasn't paid, all the things said in this review is from my own personal experience and is 100% truthful.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

MAC Giveaway: Thankyou For 555

Thankyou for your continuous support everybody!

This is a giveaway to thankyou everybody for helping me reach 555 Subscribers on YT and over 50 here on blogspot~

Just a small giveaway since I'm already hosting a big contest and giveaway that is still open.
Feel free to enter both ;3

This one is also international (... I'm probably spending more on shipping these days than all the prizes -w-")


How to enter:
1. Be a subscriber to my YouTube channel
2. Be 16 years or older or have parental permission
3. Log on to Facebook and go to this link:!/photo.php?fbid=1355070652914&set=o.39261797334&type=1&theater
4. Simply 'like' the photo ^^
5. Enter your first name (that you used on your facebook name) in the comments

Optionals: that I'd appreciate :)
1. Add me as a friend on facebook and on YT ^^ I wanna get to know you all!
2. Like and favorite this video
3. Tell me which set and what products you'd choose along with your first name < this will insure that if you win I can get the products as soon as their out so that you can get your first priority~

Sorry, you definitely have to enter through Facebook for this giveaway- no negotiations, if you don't already have a Facebook account... they take less than a minute to make ;3
I'll be drawing through the people who liked the photo, not through comments- so even if you don't enter a comment- remember to like the photo ^^

You'll be disqualified if you have unsubscribed to me before and decided to subscribe just to win free stuff, I'm sorry but this is only for subscribers that continuously support me.


Prizes: Winner can choose 1 set as their prize
Set 1: A blush from MAC's permanent collection and a permanent line eyeshadow
Set 2:  A lipstick from MAC's Fashion Flower/Surf Baby Collection and a permanent line eyeshadow
Set 3:  A lipgloss or lipgelee from MAC's Fashion Flower/Surf Baby Collection and a permanent line eyeshadow

So you can either win a blush which costs more- or a LE lipstick/lipgloss which is harder to get- it's your choice. But both ways you get an eyeshadow ^^

*if you choose a Fashion Flower Lipstick as your prize, you won't receive it until late June because we don't receive the collection in HK until mid June
*if you choose a Surf Baby Lipstick as your prize, you won't receive it until late July because we don't receive the collection in HK until mid July


May 31st 2011


Winners Announced:
June 4th 2011 (on blog)
June 5th 2011 (on channel)

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Manga-style Drawings

I'm basically procrastinating from my history essay and miscellaneous homework by blogging C: and- yes, it is the packet of jelly beans you see on the edge of the photo XD

Anyway~ just thought I'd share with everybody my newest drawing(s), just finished one and starting a new one ^^

Any KHR anime/manga followers? Do you know who the guy is? ;3

The girl's fingers are a little weird... but the colors work well together right? ^^ it looks strangely sepia-tinted in real life ;) Her hair was a -censored- to draw ah!

Just the line-art for this one... just started ^^ might have to fix the shoulders a bit (and maybe give him a nose job too?)... loose clothing is always hard to draw ><

Cookies to anyone who recognizes what the paper doll on the bottom right corner is ;)

If you ever wanna see a picture of an anime/manga character- tell me and I might draw them next time I need a model for wasting time ;)

Much love~
Syuri ^^

Friday, 6 May 2011

DIY Mother's Day Bracelet

Just uploaded a video on how I made a present for my mommy that I'll give to her on the 8th ^^
Sometimes, the best things can still be handmade ;3
And although this may sound pretty gimmicky, the most important part of the process is to do it with LOVE!

It looked pretty professional XD
If I do say so myself- which I do.
Jks jks~

But honestly, invest a little in actual crystals (the little pink heart) and actual silver (the hoops, hook and chain) and you can make beautiful pieces of art for your beloved/s also ^^

Extra LOVE <3

Monday, 2 May 2011

No Signboard Goodness

So... since yesterday tonight was the last night before I go back to school from my term break...
We went out for dinner with my family! kekeke~

It was so good >w<

We went to the 'No Signboard Restuarant', that is very famous in Singapore for it's whtie pepper crabs (which is a MUST order for a spicy food addict like me XD) and recently opened a Hong Kong branch. Unfortunately, we had to book a week earlier to eat there ><

We ordered 4 crabs in total (10 people), and they were huge! The crab was bigger than my torso! Take in account I'm only 163cm ;T^T;

My brother on the left, and me on the right ^^
The crab's claw was bigger than the plate!

Isn't my younger cousin too kiyute~?
He's really really pale! (take in account I'm a NC25 atm)

Eyebags run in the family XD!

Anyways, hope to go again soon! (hopefully next time we don't have to book a whole week earlier ><)

What did you have for dinner?

Much love *mwua*
- s y u r i -

Sunday, 1 May 2011

SNSD Mr.Taxi Makeup Tutorial

Originally I was going to post 'sneak peeks', but since I reached 360 earlier than I expected... I had to post my contest and giveaway one up first >< So the Mr.Taxi tutorial has been posted on my YouTube...
Brace yourself for Asian poses! 


Here are the pics I was originally gonna post as a sneak-peek:


The tutorial:
Much love~
s y u r i out!

Makeup Contest & Giveaway

The prizes shown here is just a rough list- once the contest ends, I will be asking the winners to send me a message back with their MAC skin-tone (eg. mine is NC25 now that it’s Summer) and eye color, then I will be adding more to the prizes- customized to fit you if you win! I'll also probably be adding some jewelry and hair pieces- so keep an eye on the blog and on my haul videos (I'll definitely tell you guys if I do ;3)

You can subscribe and follow just for this contest/giveaway- I don’t mind. But I do keep track of unsubscribers and you will be disqualified in future giveaways and contests.

You can enter both as long as you follow the rules for each of them :)
There will be a total of two winners.

It’s INTERNATIONAL! Woot woot~ ^^


Comment Giveaway

How to enter:
- Subscribed to my YouTube channel: syurisyndrome
- Following this blog:
- You can type up to 3 comments (on the video) a day telling me what makeup you’d wear on:
1. a rainy day
2. a sunny day
3. a blazing hot day where concealer + foundation melts basically off the face
- Differentiate each entry everyday ^^ Repeated entries will be disqualified
- Must be 16+, or have parental permission

Winner will be decided through

Comment prizes: (You're getting at least $40 USD worth of goodies ^^)
Selection of 3 samples
Kosé Visée Eye Color Collection Eyeshadow: SV 006
Elianto Pearl Shine Eyeshadow: 17 Copper Brown
Maybelline [Asia Limited Line] Refreshing Tinted Balm: Dolly Lychee
Revlon Matte Eyeshadow: 002 Peach Sorbet
Skinlite Strawberry Yogurt Masque
My Beauty Diary Southern France Apricot Mask
Loujene Eyelash With Glue: 02 Glamour
Maruido Blush: 08
LookAtMe dkhs Tweezers
Love Labo Bihada Ichizoku Hatsukoi Makeup Base
Gatsby Powdered Oil Clear Paper  Lana Cane Lehcaresor Papier Poudre: Rose Naturelle



For 5 extra comment entries, just give me a shoutout on any of your videos (only once per account) and send a me link to it through PM ;3


Video Contest

How to enter:
- Subscribed to my YouTube channel: syurisyndrome
- Following this blog:
- Make a live or slideshow tutorial on a look you’d wear on a gloomy day to cheer yourself up ^^
- You’ll be judged based on concept, creativity and execution. So please either talk about your concept or inspiration in the video or in the description box.
- Leave as a video response to the linked video
- Multiple entries are allowed
- Must be 16+, or have parental permission
- Must be new video created for this contest

 (if you want to help with judging please contact me through a PM You can’t enter the contest if you want to judge) ;3

Video prizes: (You're getting at least $50 USD worth of goodies ^^)
Selection of 3 samples
Uptown Visions All Over Shimmer Powder: Sparklin' Beige
Kosé Visée Eye Color Collection Eyeshadow: SV 006
Elianto Vibrant Eyeshadow: 07 Coral Pink
Elianto Vibrant Eyeshadow: 04 Aluminium Grey
3D Rubber Nail Seal with Stones
en Coleur Eyeliner: P03 Sable
en Coleur Eyeliner: P00 White
Loujene Eyelash With Glue: 06 Goblin
Rubi Shoes by Cotton On Inspiration Ring Set
Ludifull In The Secret French Kiss Gloss: 07
Maybelline [Asia Limited Line] Refreshing Tinted Balm: Dolly Lychee
Skinlite Strawberry Yogurt Masque
My Beauty Diary Southern France Apricot Mask
Cotton On See Me, Hug Me, Love Me Shopping Bag
Maruido Blush: 08
Love Labo Bihada Ichizoku Hatsukoi Makeup Base (musingsofamuse has a review on it ;3)
Gatsby Powdered Oil Clear Paper  Lana Cane Lehcaresor Papier Poudre: Rose Naturelle


If you are interested in sponsoring for this contest please contact me at:


Deadline: June 18th (GMT+8)
Results announced on: June 20th

Winners will have 48hrs to reply. If not, a new winner will be chosen then.

Much love ~!