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Etude House Miss Tangerine Cream Choux Blusher Review

Miss Tangerine Cream Choux Blushers from Etude House are long-lasting dry cream blushers designed to be worn on top of foundation or BB cream.

They come in 4 colors:
#1 Miss Tangerine: Matte, a bright, almost neon warm toned orange
#2 Miss Peach: Matte, a pale creamy yellow-toned peach
#3 Miss Berry: Matte, a pale, but bright blue-toned pink
#4 Miss Grape Matte, a muted slightly grey lavender

Each bottle has 12grams of product, and with the amount you need to get good color payoff, I'd say that it could last you up to a year ^^

The packaging...
Too too CUTE! The packaging resembles an over-sized lipstick tube, with a Matte tube and a shiny cap and 'Tangerine'. The color of the product is also printed on the tube (super useful! I hate how I can never figure out the color if I accidentally peeled off the sticker or something ><). Ingredients and maybe a description of the product or two are printed on the back of the tube... but unfortunately- in korean.

The product...
Has a very fluffy and creamy consistency, with a slight bounce to it. They blend like a dream and feel very silky and soft on the skin. They are not drying at all! Once blended out, it feels as if there is nothing on your cheeks! I feel that pigmentation on these are very good in regards to other cream blushes (better than Clinique and Canmake's), but definitely not as pigmented as Make Up For Ever HD Blush, I'd say that it's in between Stilla's Convertible Colors and Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges.

The cost...
-Unable to say since I was sent this- But I think that it depends on where you live. If you live in Asia- this is very very affordable, but if you don't live near Asia- it could be a little hard to get...

The good...
The packaging, 2NE1's Dara and the color names= cuteness overdose! So definitely just about everything ^^ But let's get to the more 'cosmetic' side...
I also love how they are Matte finishes but don't look or feel drying, I'm very impressed by how well they photograph!
Wear time is an 'up' point for me as well! I got up to 8-9 hours of wear time after I set it with my RMK Translucent Powder (no matter what cream blush- you should always set it!). The blush even stains my cheeks slightly~

The bad...
It's color selection that got a down point from me... only 4 colors is definitely not enough T^T not to mention 2 of the 4 and almost unwearable >< Miss Tangerine is very very bright and Miss Grape can turn up ashy on your skin because of it's grey-ness! Not to mention that they are mostly shades garnered towards asian yellow-based skins, and they don't really compliment caucasian, tan or dark skin well.

Recommended to...
People with yellow or peachy tones and fair skin. I'd say Miss Berry would work well if you have cooler tones and Miss Peach and Miss Tangerine would compliment those with warm tones... (I really can't see Miss Grape working for a lot of people though >< It's a little purple to use as a highlight, but way too grey to use as a blush...)
I can see a lot of Matte blush lovers (like me XD) liking this also, Miss Berry would also serve well to all those of you interested in gyaru or ulzzang makeup trends ;3
...and maybe 2NE1 fans? Dara definitely swayed my decision in choosing this XD

 Me wearing the pink one (sorry for the absolutely horrid lighting T^T), the pictures were taken in my old house and the purple walls are horrid XP

I was sent these products from for reviewing purposes, no- I wasn't paid, all the things said in this review is from my own personal experience and is 100% truthful.

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