Sunday, 29 May 2011

Mini (Expensive) Haul

So... I was shopping for my friend's birthday presents as I sadly (and uncontrollably) splurged a bit lot for myself as well...

I only brought 3 things but I'm already broke T^T as in really really broke, don't expect any more hauls from me anytime soon ><

So... what did I get? I got a MAC lipgelee (in Smile), a NARS blush (in Oasis)- which is mainly the reason I am bankrupt, and a Concealer Palette from a local brand.

  - see my finger? XD

Anyways, tell me if you girls/guys want any swatches kay?

Much love,


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by, yeah those beauty posters are quite annoying. Most annoying is how they use words like "Natural" and "Self-confidence" on them. Cute blog by the way :)

    - Matilda

  2. I would love a set of swatches!