Saturday, 21 May 2011

Next Review: Ashley Gray Circle Lenses

I just recieved my package today! 
Isn't it great that Hong Kong mail still functions as usual until 9am on Saturdays?

I'll be reviewing a pair of Neo Vision Make Up Eyes Ashley Gray Circles Lenses (that's a mouthful isn't it?) sometime next week, I want to wear them a few times before telling you if they're comfortable or not and whether I develop any negative reactions to them ^^

First impression wise... (Just by looking at them in the bottle, I haven't opened them yet ><)
I'm in love with them! The graphics looks pretty opaque while the gradient is very fine and smooth, the limbo ring is also very fine so they look quite natural compared to some out there in the circle lens market with it's graphics only being at only 13.6mm. My irises are 12.8mm normally anyway, I got them checked professionally and I'd advise anyone that wants to try circle lenses do the same ^^

Manufacturer: Neo Vision
Made in: Korea
Lens Diameter: 14mm
Lens Graphic Diameter: 13.6mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Poly2HEMA* Content:
Water Content: 38%
Lens Lifetime: 6 to 8 months upon opening

Forms Hydrogel when in contact with water

Please look forward to it ;3

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