Monday, 2 May 2011

No Signboard Goodness

So... since yesterday tonight was the last night before I go back to school from my term break...
We went out for dinner with my family! kekeke~

It was so good >w<

We went to the 'No Signboard Restuarant', that is very famous in Singapore for it's whtie pepper crabs (which is a MUST order for a spicy food addict like me XD) and recently opened a Hong Kong branch. Unfortunately, we had to book a week earlier to eat there ><

We ordered 4 crabs in total (10 people), and they were huge! The crab was bigger than my torso! Take in account I'm only 163cm ;T^T;

My brother on the left, and me on the right ^^
The crab's claw was bigger than the plate!

Isn't my younger cousin too kiyute~?
He's really really pale! (take in account I'm a NC25 atm)

Eyebags run in the family XD!

Anyways, hope to go again soon! (hopefully next time we don't have to book a whole week earlier ><)

What did you have for dinner?

Much love *mwua*
- s y u r i -

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  1. ahh.. sp pretty *__* i'm also only 163cm T__T

    waahh your cousin looks like a mix *__*