Thursday, 12 May 2011

Manga-style Drawings

I'm basically procrastinating from my history essay and miscellaneous homework by blogging C: and- yes, it is the packet of jelly beans you see on the edge of the photo XD

Anyway~ just thought I'd share with everybody my newest drawing(s), just finished one and starting a new one ^^

Any KHR anime/manga followers? Do you know who the guy is? ;3

The girl's fingers are a little weird... but the colors work well together right? ^^ it looks strangely sepia-tinted in real life ;) Her hair was a -censored- to draw ah!

Just the line-art for this one... just started ^^ might have to fix the shoulders a bit (and maybe give him a nose job too?)... loose clothing is always hard to draw ><

Cookies to anyone who recognizes what the paper doll on the bottom right corner is ;)

If you ever wanna see a picture of an anime/manga character- tell me and I might draw them next time I need a model for wasting time ;)

Much love~
Syuri ^^

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  1. You are awesome! Love your drawings! Great job!