Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Review: Ashley Gray Circle Lenses

Shipping was super fast as usual- 4 days! And I'm already in love with the lenses XD

The glass containers of these lenses were a little more difficult to open than usual- but nothing drastic- nothing broke ;3 With every pair of lenses from ColorCircle they also give a case, a pair of lens tweezers, small container to hold liquids and a case for all those ^^


Product: Neo Vision Make Up Eyes Ashley Gray Circles Lenses
Manufacturer: Neo Vision
Made in: Korea
Lens Diameter: 14mm
Lens Graphic Diameter: 13.6mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Poly2HEMA* Content: 62%
Water Content: 38%
Lens Lifetime: 6 to 8 months upon opening


Very natural and sweet looking, very pretty gradient and no harsh limbo ring too. But the opacity is only so-so since my eyes are normally very very dark- they're almost black, although if you naturally have lighter eyes this could show up better on you.

Not much- but since it enhanced the natural darkness of my pupils it looks like a lot.

Super super comfortable, I didn't expect this from smaller brands- but these lenses are definitely as comfortable as EOS lenses. They are very thin and I feel like my eyes can still breath when I have them on.

I'd recommend them (the lenses) to:
Dark eye colored girls/boys if they'd like: a natural enlargement and a darker gray color
Light eye colored girls/boys if they'd like: a natural enlargement and a gray that covers the saturation of your natural eye color

I don't recommend them (the lenses) to:
Naturally gray or blue eyed girls/boys ^^ As I said- enlargement is quite minimum and I don't think you should invest in gray lenses that are quite sheer if you have naturally gray or blue eyes (blue eyes too because gray pigments can turn blue on blue eyes)


You can get them here:

The lenses were sent to me for reviewing purposes. I was not paid to say anything, they are 100% my own opinions.


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