Sunday, 26 June 2011

Contest Etiquette

So I just ended my last giveaway and I have yet to receive the results from all my judges, and I will be selecting the comment winner when I make the video.

As many of you may have noticed- this giveaway was actually extended out of popular demand.

I had experienced a little trouble over the closing of this contest regarding one particular contestant that never got to enter her video because she was, I quote not "very computer saavy like everybody else" therefore she couldn't work out the timezone and didn't know when the contest ended. And I don't want this happening again in the future because some of her messages were very rude and demeaning.

At some point of the conversation she even accused me of having chosen a winner beforehand, which I can't because I'm not judging this myself.

Taking in account I wasn't being very nice either- Actually, I was quite bitchy... But hey! At least I typed in proper grammar and actually apologized while she continued arguing with a girl at least half her age!

I'll include some screenshots of what you shouldn't do to anger me and get yourself disqualified at the end of this post.

Anyway, continuing on to the time zone problem. It's simple easy maths. You find out how many hours ahead or behind we are and you take it in account. So if I was to close this contest at GMT+8 and you live in PST you'd find out the time difference which is slower by 16 hours.

So you'd have to upload your video 16 hours before this contest ends.

So I guess thats all I wanted to say.

Basically, if you treat me with proper respect as a fellow YouTuber and try to be as civil as possible. I'll do the same. You be bitchy to me, I'll be bitchy to you. You're as sweet as an angel can be, I'll try to be the best person to you. Easy right?

And that ends up evil rant- wasn't it nice to hear me not be all goody-two-shoes for once?

Anyways~ love you all!

Much love,

PS. Enjoy looking at the evil side of me.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I don't normally do a lot of video features (that aren't 'video upload' vids), but this is special.
This is inspirational. He is a true role model to all children around the world for me.

乌达木 is 12 only, but I feel like he is a much better person than a lot of us can ever be already. He understands so so much.

I cried so much. I'm still crying.
It's so touching. 

I can't express how rude I thought one of the judges were when they interrupted through the song with their commentry.... Although I only understand very few words from the song since it was Mongolian- I'm still crying right now. 

I have heard this song beforehand- before he sang it. And I have cried in all the versions that this song has ever been in. But this is the only time I have ever cried so much. I have already cried so much I had to take my medication so I could continue breathing- and crying. 

To all those that can- please please please vote for him. He is a real inspiration to every child around the world.

I truly pray that his mother in heaven can watch over him and listen to his beautiful perfomance. 

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Who's Ready For Summer?

My first video featuring GlamEyez shadow pigments... My god-  they are very very pigmented!!!!

I honestly cannot express how pigmented they are with words, so you'll have to check out the video XD

Here's a list of stuff I used in the video:
Maybelline Mineral Concealer 01 Light
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk
Glameyez Pigment: Sahara Desert
Glameyez Pigment: Coral
Glameyez Pigment: Shimmer Chocolate
Fiberwig Paint-On False Lashes Extra Long Mascara
Canmake Cream Cheek 01
NYX Black Label Lipstick India
Bobbi Brown Lipgloss Nectar

and- Sahara Desert and Coral are real glam <3
If you have added me on facebook too, you'll know that I love Peach and Coral colors ^^
Sahara Desert has the prettiest red sheen to it and Coral is just... gorg XD

Here are some piccies from this look:

Natural Smokey Eye

I just posted my natural smokey eye tutorial- it's the first installment of my Prom Collection ^^
Thankyou to 11tiggers for requesting this for her prom- I hope she has a wonderful time in the event!

I would have never tried to do a Prom Collection without her since we don't have proms here at my school T^T

It can be played up if you swap in a bright color for the gray brown or darker color (eg. black); or toned down if you don't add the extra little color in the inner corners of your lids =3

But check out the video okay?

'Stuff' from video:
(Applied beforehand) Bihada Ichizoku Makeup Base
(Applied beforehand) Maybelline Mineral Concealer 01 Light
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk
Majolica Majorca Shadow Customize BE286
Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette
Mei Linda Waterproof Eyeliner 02 Brown
(OPTIONAL) En Coleur Eyeliner P00 White
Maybelline Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner
Kosé White Diamond Eyelash Curler
Fiberwig Paint-On False Lashes Extra Long Mascara
Melliesh Blush 02 Baby Peach
NYX Black Label Lipstick Peachy
Black lace and ribbon dress from PlayLord
Earrings from local store
Necklace from LogOn

Much love,

PS. I took the extra step to dress up for this video XP

Friday, 17 June 2011

Featuring... my lil' bro

So- since the response to my lil' cousin's picture was so explosive and everybody liked seeing cute asian guys (with feminine feature)s so much I decided to feature my brother in my lastest video! ^^

Like and subscribe to see him more ah ;3

On a side note, Brooke is super super super sweet for sending me all this stuff!
She's so nice to have chosen me >< Do go sub her okay?

Much love,
Syuri <3

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Next Tutorial: Angel Salvatore

The next tutorial I'll be doing will be an inspired look from the movie "X-Men: First Class", because I'm a comic geek and I love the movies just as much no matter what anybody says XP

This look will be something semi-dramatic and great for dinner parties and other functions as it looks classy but not overdone... Here are some shots for this look (I'm still editing the video) ^^

I was originally doing this look for 11tiger's prom request- but then I realized that it was similar to Angel's makeup in the movie when I saw it, so I thought... why not both? ;3

As this is natural, it should go with all dresses, shoes, and hairstyles- and for prom, you want people to notice your dress first! Makeup should only accentuate your natural features for the mass of photos =]

Monday, 13 June 2011

Shoutout from Pyonghwaa

So, I recently entered Christina's gyaru contest; and although I didn't win- I was one of the lucky people that she gave shoutouts to ^^

Click here to watch her shoutout video:

Click here to watch my entry:

Much love <3

Monday, 6 June 2011

Hong Kong Beauty Fitness and Makeup Fiesta Haul

I got to meet some great gurus on Saturday! It was so nice to meet them all ^^
Anyway, time to get to the hauling~

Funnily enough... every brand I brought something from has capital letters as it's name XD

Please go subscribe to these gorgeous girls (alphabetical order- no bias-ness XD):
Wan Ling:

Let It Rain - SNSD
Takes One To Know One - Drew of Varsity
Start A Fire - Ryan Star

Much love~ <3
Syuri ^^

Saturday, 4 June 2011

MAC Giveaway Winner

If you didn't win this one; everybody, don't give up- my big giveaway and contest is still open! ^^ 

Btw, should I host another one once this one finishes? Would you girls/guys like consecutive giveaways or contests on my channel?

Anyway, don't give up everybody! We need to all keep telling ourselves that "I'll come out victorious against the world!" ^^



There were 198 entrees on YT but only 171 on Facebook, as I mentioned before- I do cross-check. Everybody that did not follow the rules were disqualified.

And the winner is...
biteofanapple (highlight)

Who is:
Neva Garcia Romero (highlight)
Please send me your address and name through a PM on Facebook or Youtube! ^^ If I don't receive a response within 9 days of this post I will picking another winner! Also tell me what prizes you want!

Just a reminder- I will be purchasing these as soon as they come out, but in HK depending on which collection you want- it could take until July that they come out and you will probably not get the mil until August, so the faster you contact me the better ^^

Please don't congratulate the girl until the 6th on Youtube after I upload a video- thanks ;3


Much love,

Prize from mlledebeaute

I just received my prize from mlledebeaute- a sponsored bracelet from Charm Factory!

It's so so pretteh >w<

Just a quick unboxing video, I was super tired when filming it so I'm sorry for the boring-ness >< It was super impromptu also... >.<#

Much love,