Sunday, 26 June 2011

Contest Etiquette

So I just ended my last giveaway and I have yet to receive the results from all my judges, and I will be selecting the comment winner when I make the video.

As many of you may have noticed- this giveaway was actually extended out of popular demand.

I had experienced a little trouble over the closing of this contest regarding one particular contestant that never got to enter her video because she was, I quote not "very computer saavy like everybody else" therefore she couldn't work out the timezone and didn't know when the contest ended. And I don't want this happening again in the future because some of her messages were very rude and demeaning.

At some point of the conversation she even accused me of having chosen a winner beforehand, which I can't because I'm not judging this myself.

Taking in account I wasn't being very nice either- Actually, I was quite bitchy... But hey! At least I typed in proper grammar and actually apologized while she continued arguing with a girl at least half her age!

I'll include some screenshots of what you shouldn't do to anger me and get yourself disqualified at the end of this post.

Anyway, continuing on to the time zone problem. It's simple easy maths. You find out how many hours ahead or behind we are and you take it in account. So if I was to close this contest at GMT+8 and you live in PST you'd find out the time difference which is slower by 16 hours.

So you'd have to upload your video 16 hours before this contest ends.

So I guess thats all I wanted to say.

Basically, if you treat me with proper respect as a fellow YouTuber and try to be as civil as possible. I'll do the same. You be bitchy to me, I'll be bitchy to you. You're as sweet as an angel can be, I'll try to be the best person to you. Easy right?

And that ends up evil rant- wasn't it nice to hear me not be all goody-two-shoes for once?

Anyways~ love you all!

Much love,

PS. Enjoy looking at the evil side of me.


  1. Gosh,the nerve of some people. D:
    It's actually really sad that she didn't have the computer skills to google the time difference. Let alone being able to calculate on her own, lol.

    Was she actually double your age? O__o
    How could someone of such age not be able to solve such a simple thing on their own. .___.'

    Anyways, advance congratz to the winner. XD

  2. Same with me...
    You be nice to me, I'll be nice to you!!

  3. wow, someone was grouchy o.O

  4. lmao. Its only common sense, you said you lived in hong kong? So if someone lives in the united state, that means do it BEFORE. That time. Thats what I did o - o

  5. Wow, people these days! And if your excuse was "lame" her excuse of not being "very computer saavy" is what? A good one? Lol

  6. i was taught to treat/ talk to people how i want to be treated/ talked to... anyways, most cell phones and stuff nowadays has a timezone thingy on them, i know mine does, if you click on a timezone on your phone it shows you the date and time there... you do awesome videos and giveaways... keep up the awesome work <3

    congrats to the winner :)

  7. What did u write in those characters? Hahaah was it a bunch of swears?Yeah that conversation was so confusing? She was very rude 2 u but next time, be the better person and try to be neutral rather than attacking because that makes u as bad as her! :9 U could just ignore/block people like her 2!

  8. @iLadybird

    Actually those characters in Chinese were "Good night. It was nice talking to you" XD

    And I know that wasn't that much better myself (wrote in the rest of the post ^^), but as she was someone two times my age and a bit more- I do like to stand up for myself when I know I've been looked down on just because I am younger (this is not the full conversation).

    And I guess what made me want to be mean to her was probably because I'm a grammar freak and because she accused me of already having chosen a winner beforehand -.-###