Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I don't normally do a lot of video features (that aren't 'video upload' vids), but this is special.
This is inspirational. He is a true role model to all children around the world for me.

乌达木 is 12 only, but I feel like he is a much better person than a lot of us can ever be already. He understands so so much.

I cried so much. I'm still crying.
It's so touching. 

I can't express how rude I thought one of the judges were when they interrupted through the song with their commentry.... Although I only understand very few words from the song since it was Mongolian- I'm still crying right now. 

I have heard this song beforehand- before he sang it. And I have cried in all the versions that this song has ever been in. But this is the only time I have ever cried so much. I have already cried so much I had to take my medication so I could continue breathing- and crying. 

To all those that can- please please please vote for him. He is a real inspiration to every child around the world.

I truly pray that his mother in heaven can watch over him and listen to his beautiful perfomance. 

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