Saturday, 4 June 2011

MAC Giveaway Winner

If you didn't win this one; everybody, don't give up- my big giveaway and contest is still open! ^^ 

Btw, should I host another one once this one finishes? Would you girls/guys like consecutive giveaways or contests on my channel?

Anyway, don't give up everybody! We need to all keep telling ourselves that "I'll come out victorious against the world!" ^^



There were 198 entrees on YT but only 171 on Facebook, as I mentioned before- I do cross-check. Everybody that did not follow the rules were disqualified.

And the winner is...
biteofanapple (highlight)

Who is:
Neva Garcia Romero (highlight)
Please send me your address and name through a PM on Facebook or Youtube! ^^ If I don't receive a response within 9 days of this post I will picking another winner! Also tell me what prizes you want!

Just a reminder- I will be purchasing these as soon as they come out, but in HK depending on which collection you want- it could take until July that they come out and you will probably not get the mil until August, so the faster you contact me the better ^^

Please don't congratulate the girl until the 6th on Youtube after I upload a video- thanks ;3


Much love,

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