Saturday, 16 July 2011

Review: Etude House Aloha V-Line Slim Maker

The Aloha V-Line Slim Maker from Etude House is supposed to help you achieve a natural looking V-Line Face Shape which is highly sought after in Korea, (following is translated from Korean) "To make your chin line a true V line shape, don't forget that there is the V line slim maker to let you express your skin with a slim look!"

The website states that there is Natural Sugar Fitting Powder as one of it's key ingredients in the powder (which helps to stop the cakey powdery feel on your face).

The color I chose was 01. Sun Gold-Wood Brown because it was a little lighter and more yellow/warm toned and I thought that it would fit my skin tone more (and I was right! If I had chosen 02. Sun Pink-Cherry Wood, I would look too unnaturally tanned, staying indoors too much has turned me back to my fair NC20 skintone- but for those with a little darker skin tone 02 would look like a natural tan ^^).

For 01, the highlighting shade is a golden champagne with beige undertones, which a shimmery pearl finish. The contour shade is a matte oak wood shade that reminds me a lot of Hershey's milk chocolate powder... only lighter XP

The product wears superbly on my skin, lasting eight hours and more–it tends to be easy to blend (with a blush or contour brush) and looks natural applied as long as you use a light hand with the highlighter as while the bronzer is pigmented- the highlighter is crazy with with pigmentation, I have to tap off a lot when I use even a quick swipe ><

The powder is super finely milled as it is designed for 3D TV- which is the korean equivalent of hat would be our HD TV. 

Although not quite as blendable as a MAC MSF would be as an all over glow powder on the face- it definitely gives a similar glowing effect when the two shades (contour+highlight) are blended together on the compact.

The smell of it is- amazing. Smells a bit like Johnson and Johnson's baby products- kinda sweet (sugary type) and relaxing (the type you'd associate with aromatic woods) at the same time ^^

Packaging is well- too cute to say the least. Definitely SHOUTS Summer! The box is cute enough, and the circular compact itself is a metallic-y pink (the type on NDSs!) with baby pink floral prints and music notes (that remind me so much of Lilo and Stitch ^^), the word "Aloha" is printed in the middle in a burgundy shade and "Etude House" is printed underneath in the same color.

Overrall, I really like this as a summer product and I think that it can definitely warm up my skin-tone during the colder seasons as well. Only down side? Well... I still have my chubby face XD

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  1. I'm just ordered this product! glad to read a good review about it ^_^