Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A few shots...

Nope- not alcohol XD
This post is a just a few pics from my lastest tutorials to get you guys to watch the vids ;3
Just click on the look and it'll forward you to the video ^^

Take care everybody~ ^^
Much love,


  1. your tutorials are so amazing, i like so much your work. :D

  2. Hey! i have a doubt! Where are you from? Is it korea or japan? i've seen you singing and your japanese is very nice! but the honours are all from hong-kong. =)

  3. @DM Lowen
    I'm from HK ^^ I speak Japanese and like Kpop though XD

  4. @s y u r i awwwww so nice =)) I'm brazillian.. jeez hows the web =D I'm in Brazil and found a japanese video clip in an american web site then a korean girl singing a cover of it. haha imagine how far we can go xD