Tuesday, 16 August 2011

An Important Haul~?

I love reading about the hauls of others~ it's like going shopping (without buying anything and without any spending!) XD Anyway this however, is an important haul that I had to go on.

I brought the last few items for Anz, the prize for my next giveaway (...guess guess guess XD) and some stuff for school- so as you can see, it's important! ^^ What's more, I even found a MAC dupe in this stash which I'll do in a separate post soon ;3

As you can see, I brought some more folders (OTL), some disney stuff (I got a Drink Me bottle! How awesome is that?), two 2012 planners, a massage bar from LUSH, some tights, 4 cream blushes from Canmake and a box of BB creams ^^ A lot right?

Much love,


  1. waaaaaaaaaaa rillakuma! is there a white notebook? white rillakuma? :D hihi nice haul ;)

  2. OMG! I WANT THAT CREAM BLUSHES FROM CANMAKE! I wish i had them in melbourne D:
    But nice stuff, I'm so jealous of yu.... LOVE YOU <3