Wednesday, 30 November 2011

r e v i e w ~ butterscotched potion

"Beer N' Butter"
Sarawen Perfume Art

Type: Gourmand, Unisex
Perfumer: Sara M. S.
Cost: 10USD/40mL

"A delicious and foamy elixir! Creamy butterscotch, dreamy vanilla, and a dash of pumpkin layered with a drop of coffee as you sit relaxing by the pub's roaring fire."

Inspired by novel and film series "Harry Potter"

The perfume oil comes in an amber-tinted circular glass bottle with a black cap. A mossy brown label reading "Perfume: Beer n Butter" with a Victorian lace wallpaper and Victorian lady drinking from a wine glass as the background is wrapped around the bottle. Bottle is wrapped and ribboned with tissue paper before being sent.

Described as an unisex gourmand blend inspired by Harry Potter's butterbeers- it is indeed, just that. If butterbeers were real this would be exactly how it smells. A comforting scent of everything sweet and delicious you could possibly find in a pub. Upon initial contact with my skin, I feel that it is truly unisex, it is recognizably masculine in the sense of how rich and deep it is. The next step onwards, the richness does calm a little, but it would still be what I'd refer to as 'gras', or 'fat', purely denoting on how rich and full-bodied the potion is and not how many calories a beverage including all it's listed notes would have!

Maybe it is my inadequacy in the study of alcoholic drinks apart from the conventional red/white wine and champagnes, but instead of being something advocating the scent of beer- the collection of notes remind me faintly more of whiskey... or more accurately, the heart notes are basically what Lindt's Irish Coffee au Whiskey chocolate bars smell like (mind you- they include real whiskey in each bar). Sara's Beer N' Butter is the chocolate bar with a little less of the whiskey liquid filling and a slightly deeper coffee note completed with a touch of burnt sugar and butterscotch... Yum!

On me. the perfume seems to completely skip through any notes of pumpkin. I do get it- but alas, very very fleetingly. The drydown of Beer N' Butter is lovely, made up mainly by the lingering scent of smokey vanilla. The sillage is amazing, enveloping you and everything around in its gourmandism.

Wear time: 8hours approx.
This will safely last through any school (or work!) day with ease and a little more

Recommended for:
+ Harry Potter fans!
+ Christmas eve or any christmas dinner, around family and friends or just wrapped in a big blanket with a cup of hot cocoa
+ Fans of smokey vanilla-based gourmand scents such as Shalimar
+ Cold winter evenings


*All perfumes react differently on each individual person as we all have different skin chemistries- this review was written based on my experiences and may not necessarily behave the same for you although the notes of the perfume will not change.

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  1. That sounds so delish! I wish my bottle didn't smell like Buckley's cough syrup :(