Wednesday, 30 November 2011

r e v i e w ~ kiss from a rose

"Midnight Kiss"
Sarawen Perfume Art

Type: Fruity Floral, Feminine
Perfumer: Sara M. S.
Cost: 10USD/40mL

"A forbidden kiss at midnight tasting of honeyed red ripe fruits while the air is scented with hints of roses and musk. An alluring, feminine, yet bold fragrance with red fruits, roses, and dragon's blood.
A word of warning: you may be devoured by handsome vampires when wearing this perfume!"

The perfume oil comes in an amber-tinted circular glass bottle with a black cap. A dark purple label reading "Midnight Kiss" with a Victorian lace wallpaper as the background is wrapped around the bottle. Bottle is wrapped and ribboned with tissue paper before being sent.

If Sarawen were a winery, Midnight Kiss would be the finest Italian Wine. Noticeably fruity upon application it is bold, strong and sharp- pungent even. The red fruits lend their slightly tart acidic nature to what would otherwise come off as a sickly sweet blend in the top notes.

Its syrupy nature diffuses and develops quickly though, becoming more of the fruiting floral perfume it is categorized as based on the listed notes. The red fruits becomes more defined, more of the red berries genre, and the floral notes of rose creep in. The rose truly 'creeps' into the blend developing in a staircase-like way, wherein it's notes merely get stronger and stronger on an unchanging (at least for the moment) fruity base with a hint of musk.

The sillage at this stage is interestingly sweet, it reaches a good radius- the length is okay- but not nearly half as wonderful as the scent it actually produces. On my skin the floral notes often has a more pronounced sweetness and Midnight Kiss produces a scent similar to what I associate with lychee fruits in its sillage.

The drydown of Midnight Kiss is very dark and has a slight oriental touch to it with the spiciness of dragon's blood lined with musk. Truly romantically gothic and vampy, with only a hint of fruit on a rose, incense base.

Wear time: 7hours+
This is safely last you through a day of school (or work) with no need for touch ups!

Recommended for:
+ Vampire enthusiasts
+ Those that enjoy a wine like character in their perfumes or those that like darker fruity florals
+ Summer evening, when the heady night bloomers compliment the dark florals of Midnight Kiss


*All perfumes react differently on each individual person as we all have different skin chemistries- this review was written based on my experiences and may not necessarily behave the same for you although the notes of the perfume will not change.

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