Wednesday, 30 November 2011

r e v i e w ~ tea party in wonderland

Sarawen Perfume Art

Type: Green Floral, Feminine
Perfumer: Sara M. S.
Cost: 10USD/40mL

"The splendour of summer tea-time in the afternoon shade - the scent of sugared tea, tropical jasmine, and a hint of grassy bergamot! A sophisticated, clean, floral fragrance."

The perfume oil comes in an amber-tinted circular glass bottle with a black cap. A light cream colored label reading "Mari" with a Victorian lace wallpaper with Belle Epoque era opera singer, Lina Cavalieri printed upon it as the background is wrapped around the bottle. Bottle is wrapped and ribboned with tissue paper before being sent.

This composition may just be the poster child of Sara's perfumery for 'simple, timeless beauty'! Mari was created in honor of Sara's grandmother, who passed away when she was very young. Sara has always imagined her grandmother to have that same type of classic beauty as Lina Cavalieri, and fittingly enough- so does the scent.

It is by no means a "grandma" smelling perfume but it definitely carries a certain aura of sophistication around it- it has the same type of elegance of Chanel's No.5 or No.19 and Chole's Love, Chloe, Mari has the same clean, floral composition at heart accompanied by well chosen notes- not unwearable for those of us younger ones, but just requires a little more lightness in the steps and a well chosen occasion and dress, to avoid the perfume wearing you instead of you wearing it!

Throughout the composition- Mari does not change much from initial application until it's drydown- maybe the tea becomes a bit more pronounced, but because of the short wear time on me (mentioned later in this post), I can't say that I'm sure that it is it's full transformation. Although the tea notes are described to be sugared- on me, Mari comes off as quite strong unsugared black tea. If anything, it can even be described as tea leaves because it's so strong. Notes of jasmine are very mild and does not seem to be of the night blooming variety, it is very sweet and almost powdery- but netherless, enough to provide this green fragrance with a touch of floral. The bergamot is not very strong by itself here but compliments the notes of tea well- adding a bit of depth and a little more 'moist' to the dry scent that I get from it because of the powderiness of the jasmine notes here and the strongness of the tea that I think is akin to tea leaves. All in all, I'm kind of glad it doesn't change too much in the drydown for me- I admire it's simplicity and it's sophistication within that simplicity.

Wear time: 3 hours
The main down point of this amazing scent is the wear time for me, which is why unlike the rest of my fragrance reviews so far this has a whole portion dedicated to it. Unfortunately, Mari does not stick to my skin at all! This applies for just about any other scent with notes of jasmine- which is ironic as my name happens to be Jasmine. The only perfume with a main note of jasmine that has ever been able to stay on me is Á La Nuit from the outrageously priced Serge Lutens, and I believe that it may only be because it's a soliflore of jasmines, I would smell of water if none of the jasmine notes stuck on me XD I really wish that Mari could last a bit longer on me, but even when I apply vaseline beneath it before the perfume oil it still barely lasts past the 4 hour mark which is a real shame as it is such a wonderful clean scent.

Recommended for:
+ Day-time wear
+ Those that enjoy Chanel's No.5 or No.19 and Chole's Love, Chloe - Mari has that similar aura of timeless sophistication and elegance
+ Those of you that don't mind carrying around a little decant to touch up throughout the day
+ People that enjoy timeless simplicity and elegance


*All perfumes react differently on each individual person as we all have different skin chemistries- this review was written based on my experiences and may not necessarily behave the same for you although the notes of the perfume will not change.

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