Wednesday, 30 November 2011

r e v i e w ~ wooden horses and dessert wine

"Lady Roma"
Sarawen Perfume Art

Type: Fruity Wood, Feminine
Perfumer: Sara M. S.
Cost: 10USD/40mL

"The fragrance of a dusky evening in ancient times of Rome. The air is filled with the scent of pomegranate trees and ripe fruit, while sandalwood burns brightly in a brazier by the atrium. A feminine fruity scent with a hint of depravity hidden within! "

This scent is inspired by the TV series' "Rome", and "Spartacus".

The perfume oil comes in an amber-tinted circular glass bottle with a black cap. A dark red label reading "Perfume: Lady Roma" with a Victorian lace wallpaper as the background is wrapped around the bottle. Bottle is wrapped and ribboned with tissue paper before being sent.

Lady Roma doesn't start off particularly strong and remains quite mellow and relaxing for the whole duration that it is worn. That it not to say that it is boring or unchanging though- there is indeed an increasing sense of "hidden depravity" within it the whole time whilst it is comforting.

It has a modest sillage- not strong, but wide enough a distance to be inviting. Tangy notes of pomengranate are very prominent throughout the perfume- delectable upon initial application. It is accompanied by other unidentifiable fruit notes, but on my skin it is suspiciously reminiscent of the apple trees in autumn.

As it develops a little more, it adopts a very sweet quality on my skin. While not of a gourmand character, it definitely become engagingly delicious smelling. The sandalwood and cedarwood notes are completely pronounced until it gets to its drydown, it sharply turns into something akin to decadent dessert wine- with a light fruity circus cotton candy (the authentic type unlike the sickly sweet pink sugar types) as it's sillage and a slightly smoked sandalwood base. The cedarwood is very hard to notice on my skin unless I am "in motion"- literally, I need to be moving if I want to smell it!

Wear time: 10hours+
I am able to sleep with this on and still smell the gorgeous drydown the next morning

Recommended for:
+ Those who enjoy sweet but relaxing and laid back fruity scents
+ Those who prefer wood-types to floral-types paired with fruits
+ Going out for coffee, the wooden notes smell amazing whenever near coffee or chocolate
+ Autumn or winter


*All perfumes react differently on each individual person as we all have different skin chemistries- this review was written based on my experiences and may not necessarily behave the same for you although the notes of the perfume will not change.

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