Wednesday, 30 November 2011

r e v i e w ~ The original tale of snow white

"Black Apple"
Sarawen Perfume Art

Type: Fruity, Feminine
Perfumer: Sara M. S.
Cost: 10USD/40mL

"Sweet, red, ripe apples corrupted with poisoned honey and labdanum. A base of dark incense and roses completes the fragrance. Starts off fruity and innocent, then the darkness emerges."

The perfume oil comes in an amber-tinted circular glass bottle with a black cap. A gaudy red label reading "Perfume: Black Apple" with a Victorian lace wallpaper as the background is wrapped around the bottle. Bottle is wrapped and ribboned with tissue paper before being sent.

Described as a fruity apple scent and named Black Apple, one would expect this to be a single faceted perfume, to be flat and simply apple- a sleeper in comparison to all of Sara's other pieces. Instead you discover a fairytale upon first sniff, inevitably it's Snow White; but not Disney's, maybe the darker and more tragic original by the Grimm brothers, or maybe a modern gothic horror such as Yuki Kaori's in Ludwig Revolution. Netherless, it is sweet but dark, innocent but deadly.

It's initial notes are just as it is described; crisp, fresh and ripe red apples that make your mouth water. The honey gives it a semi-leathery touch, its fragrance is clean and sweet as you smell from afar, but the closer you sniff- the darker the strange poison.

It develops into a herb-like apple scent after a little and the scent becomes a little more moody and floral, almost as if you walked from an apple orchard into a forest filled of apple trees. It's sillage at this point is the strongest, despite being quite modest and not calling attention, it acts coys and draws attention instead.

The base has a stronger emphasis on the leathery smokey and earthy qualities of the labdanum and the syrupy sweetness of honey. Black Apple's drydown tones down on the apples drastically, and you are left with a innocent but sensual mixture of honey, incense, roses and red apples.

Wear time: 8-10hours
The wear time changes depending on the weather, it doesn't cling to skin too well on cooler days

Recommended for:
+ The modern fairytale heroine, anyone who wants to have their own gothic romance
+ This strikes me as a museum-type fragrance, it's something that you can comfortably wear while looking at famous oil paintings on ceilings or while deciphering the Rosetta stone.
+ Early morning or evening, it's top notes are fresh enough to wake you in the morning and it's dry down is great for any evening dinner (mind you- I have a purely western styled dinner in mind!)


*All perfumes react differently on each individual person as we all have different skin chemistries- this review was written based on my experiences and may not necessarily behave the same for you although the notes of the perfume will not change.

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