Monday, 5 December 2011

Ur My Trouble Maker

I learnt how to click my fingers just for this tutorial (he he ><" I'm such a slow learner XP)

Hyuna and Hyunseung are so hot in the lives performances and in the MV- *melts*
I think this is my favorite debut of this year!

Check out the rest of their album too "듣기 싫은 말" is actually my favorite song of the mini album despite being a ballad ^^


On a side note, this is actually the dress I wore to my school's Christmas Dinner this Saturday ^^
Here are a few shots from the night (as in really really few- cuz I only had my phone >< most are just selcas~)

Included a few full body shots also- because- amazingly- my diet worked! XD So happy with myself! Skipped dinner for a whole month before the night and went to the gym everyday after school T^T If you guys are interested in how I lost 2 kgs (I now weigh 42kg- I'm only 163cm though ><") in a month tell me and I'll do a post on it ^^