Friday, 6 January 2012

Belated Happy New Years

How was everybody's new years? Sorry for the belated blessings (since I don't really celebrate it because I follow the Lunar calendar ^^")- but I hope you all had a great one!

As for me... I spent my Christmas partying away in Phuket along with my lil' bro~

New Years was a different story though- I had to go to this blasted formal wedding dinner with famous TVB people that I don't now (because- alas- I don't watch TV >.<#) since both my cousin and her husband work there- and get stuck in a line of over 1000 people... right after we left the party...

The line was so long we were stuck there for over 45 minutes with my brother and me (since we'er the 'smaller ones') having to do balancing acts outisde the hong Kong space museum because they just happened to have a pond #-.-"!

The only good point of my new years eve in my opinion was the absolutely amazing souffle (it's a type of fusion thing with a traditional chinese dessert made with milk and ginger right under the fluffy layers)~ <3 The brown thing you see next to it in the picture is also a traditional chinese dessert for new years- a coconut rice cake (my love!) =D

Just decided to show you guys the nail look I had for New Years also- wanted to keep it looking clean, so I just did a simple french nail with sparkly tips (honestly overused look- I do this for just about every special occasion, just with different colors ^^ I'm probably doing this again for lunar new years with a bright red instead XD)

So how did everybody spend their special holidays?