Saturday, 31 March 2012

Electro Doll

Yayz~! After loads of re-editing due to the fact youtube keeps on finding my songs copyrighted (even though they've been modified and pitched changed), I've finally uploaded the tutorial for Electro Doll.

I must warn you- do not press on this picture to enlarge,
my skin is horrible here on my nose and my pores are HUGE!
Electro Doll is another HD gyaru tutorial (I'm really rolling these out aren't I?)- it's because I'm in the middle of choosing what I'd like to do as a theme for my Art GCSE, and one of my ideas were "Ball Joint Dolls"- so I'm just experimenting around ^^

I hope you all like this! =]

Btw, remember how I said I was going to watch what I eat and hopefully slim down a lil'? I've been failing miserably T^T that's why I still look a little pudgy on my cheeks in the tutorial...

First I had icecream at Heathrow airport right before my flight (Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough in a tub!!!! How does one resist?)

Behold, a picture of my face without any makeup at all
for once in a long, long time... ^^"
And then, once I got home, it was Creme Brulee ice cream (a.k.a. best stuff ever~!!!) ><


I must RESIST!

Btw, my new mani is Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in "All Laced Up", with a gradient going upwards with OPI's "Metal 4 Life".

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  1. hi. just accidentally found your blog and i find it so cute. ^^.. too bad i can't see the vid you posted in here. T_T