Monday, 26 March 2012

Hunger Games

Kekekeke~ I went to see the Hunger Games yesterday with my friends Emma (whom you may remember from my Paris haul) and Amy. I read the book way before all the hype and movies because my English teacher had recommended it to me as part of my dystopian studies 2 years ago (and from then on, I stalked everything that had to do with it)! We went together for dinner at Nando's first and all got big cups of ice cream with lots (the cup was the size of my face when the guy was done with it ><) of whip cream before going into the movies =]

It definitely lived up to my expectations, I know that a lot of people didn't like all the cuttings (Madge anybody?) and the added scenes, but I thought, overall the movie was pretty well done. Jennifer Lawrence definitely seems like a real life Katniss to me and Liam Hemsworth is... good looking... and Aussie? XD

Only complaints I have were how Peeta managed to put paint on his face... to start off with- he couldn't have gotten gray paint from anywhere and secondly- how the hell did he know what he was painting on his face? I'm pretty sure you can't do that by finger painting with mud over a river XP The fire from their suits while they were on the chariot also did not live up to my expectations... but well- everythings limited to CG right?

Heres some random-ish shots from yesterday ^^

Btw, did anybody else laugh while watching the uber romantic scene of Peeta smearing blood all over Katniss' forehead? XD

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