Friday, 9 March 2012

r e v i e w ~ lead me down the garden path

Never have I been complimented about my lenses as much as I do when I have these on. My friend who had never tried circle lenses before and was determined to not be swayed despite my constant nagging was so enamored with these that she asked me to get her a pair of her own.

Today, I'll be reviewing a pair of Vassen Vivian 3-Tones in green, they are also known as Vassen Crystals.

Color/Design: These lenses will blend beautifully with anyone who has naturally green/hazel/brown eyes (any eye color that has a hint of yellow in them) and are incredibly opaque in both real life and in photographs. They look slightly brighter and more neon on camera and appear lighter and peppermint-ish in real life. The whole series has strands of color blended with a dark yellow shade. This pair in particular has strands of green varying from jade to emerald. The outer rim is incredibly thin so it still looks quite natural.

Comfort: These are incredibly thin- hence very, very comfortable and super easy to put in despite its large-ish diameter. I am able to wear this for 8 hours straight with not a hint of redness in my eyes and only experiencing dryness after the 9th of 10th hour.

Enlargement: Although marketed at a whopping 16.5 mm- they only look around 14.5-14.8 in real life. I am not big on enlargement so I do not find this a problem, however if you are one looking for enlargement I highly recommend you checking out the grey lenses of the same series as it's light color and seamless blending make for a pair of very natural lenses that will make your eyes look huge.

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