Monday, 26 March 2012

Life Updates + Weight Loss Plan

WARNING: Last picture may be slightly gory...


I'm so sad T^T
So very very sad...

I'm the type that has a body that normally does not show difference when I gain weight, however it also means it's really hard for me to lose weight and inches.

I know that all the girls in magazines and stuff are photo-shopped and retouched, and that a girl's skinny body is overrated in the media today in the 21st century. However, currently I'm really unhappy with the state of my body... not because I'm out of shape- but because I've gone out of shape because I'm unhealthy.

3 months ago, when I filmed this...

My height is 5'4 and these were my 3 "W" numbers:
Wrist: 14 centimeters
Waist: 22 inches
Weight: 43 kilograms

However, right now I have my exams (3 more days to go until this torture is over! I'm going home on the 29th~) and I major stress issues.

I eat when I am stressed.
I. Eat. A. Lot.

As in, I will go on junkfood picnics at the Castle with my friend, pig out on ice cream, finish whole 14' pizzas... etc, etc... this type of stuff:

From the best wood grilled Italian pizza place in town
Having a "picnic"...
at the Castle...
with the other girls in our dorm, while reading BNW...
Therefore, I have unhealthily gained a few inches and some weight (or mass to those that are scientific) T^T

Now, these are my 3 "W" numbers (I haven't gained a single cm in height XP):
Wrist: ~14.5 centimeters
Waist: 24.5 inches
Weight: 46 kilograms

My goal is to regain my original body structure, or convert my current "fat" into "muscle" through exercise and eating more healthily. I also want to hopefully regain the two lines over my stomach where I used to have the "ab muscles" at, while I never had abs, I had always had the outlines for them and I want them to be defined once again.

I will be starting will boiling some traditional Cantonese-style soup tonight... and having rice with that along with some steamed veggies...
Do you know what it is? Guess guess guess~ <3
My main form of exercise this term has been my dance rehersals for Hong Kong Society at my school's concert... here some shots from that night, because you can tell by my face that I seem to have gained some fat too ><":

- but now that the concert is over, I'll be focusing on my hoola hoops at home to hopefully slim down my waist and maybe start swimming in our pool now that its a bit warmer... depending on if I can get anyone to go with me, paintballing seems good too...

I'll also stop my consummation of junk food (apart from instant noodles which are vital to my exam period ><) and fizzy drinks (I'll be swapping my cola for some Pei Pa Koa) and stop taking antibiotics for my foot- which this happened to:
I stepped on a drawing pin... but...
it looks more like someone shot me with a gun ><
- and start taking vitamins instead... My personal preferences are iron supplements (i'm anemic ><), and either cod oil tablets (for my back where I have bone problems) or Supradyn Recharge tablets that taste the best out of the three XD

Wish me luck everybody!


  1. I want to lose weight and gain abs too but it's difficult since I eat unhealthy food most of the time even if I try to eat healthy food too. I'll have a rest of two weeks and I'll try to do some exercise while helping at home too. We have lot of things to renew, no, hopefully I'll keep my body working and also have time for doing uni stuff and going out with friends and bf. Lots of things to do xD I always want to do more than what I can or usually do.

  2. girl you are so skinny already!! i'm 5'5 and 118lbs...and my waist is 26 inches...but it is good to stay healthy. good luck to you tho!!

  3. ;) You are already skinny, Jasmine! I wouldn't worry so much about the weight, but stress definitely is a factor in good health. And better food will hope you cope with the stress. I do understand though - I tend to eat a lot when stressed too! Good luck and good health! ^^