Tuesday, 13 March 2012

L’Odysée d'Enchantement

I just wanted to share this video with you all, watching this is like watching a fairytale unfold in front of you- absolutely breathtaking and enchanting- it's elegance is beyond what words can describe~

Also, just an update on the threatre... I recently watched This Means War with my friend (Amy & Emma ^^) for Amy's birthday after going to Nando's for dinner. Although the movie wasn't a masterpeice by any standards it was a great laugh... not to mention I was having the greatest time pointing at the screen and shouting "It's Hong Kong!!!" at the begininng being the only cantonese person in the threatre who recognized the IFC building XD.

Another movie I wanted to watch (excluding Hunger Games - because honestly- who doesn't want to watch it?) was "The Raven", as it was inspired by my favorite poem of all time (which is, as the namesake suggest "The Raven") ^^

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  1. i love how they incorporated the year of the dragon with a gold dragon in the commercial!