Saturday, 10 March 2012

r e v i e w ~ spin me at the aquarium

*laughs* I just couldn't let the oppurtunity to reference Mawaru Penguindrum (a.k.a. one of my favorite animes ever) be lost. As cliche as it may seem, blue lenses generally either remind me of water or the sky.. or well... something that you would generically paint blue on canvas XD

Today, I'll be reviewing a pair of Vassen Vivian 3-Tones in blue, they are also known as Vassen Crystals.

Color/Design: Color wise the Vivian 3-tones lens are my HGs, they blend beautifully with green/hazel/brown eyes (any eye color that has a hint of yellow in them) and are incredibly opaque in both real life and in photographs. This pair (the blue ones) are the darkest colored lenses of the whole series and they are a bright mid-aqua color blended with a dirty yellow shade. Most of the lens is the 'iris color' and the outer rim is incredibly thin- however this paired with the design really enhances the shiny-ness of your eyes and makes them look like jewels. In the right angles a halo effect can be achieved by them too.

Comfort: These are incredibly thin- hence very, very comfortable and super easy to put in despite its large-ish diameter. I am able to wear this for 8 hours straight with not a hint of redness in my eyes and only experiencing dryness after the 9th of 10th hour.

Enlargement: Although marketed at a whopping 16.5 mm- they are definitely not that big! Netherless, I am not big on enlargement as the other features in my face (and my face in general =P) are quite petit. They do, however give (subtle) enlargement and look as if they are in the 14.5-14.8mm family. Since these blue lenses are the darkest of the series, if you were looking for enlargement your best bet would be with the greys and browns.

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