Wednesday, 4 April 2012

fly me to...

I just realized I completely forgot to show you guys some of the stuff (only showing beauty-related stuff since I got some books and stationary too) I brought at Heathrow Airport's T3 (aka. shopping haven), there's duty free cosmetics around every corner and the only Victoria's Secret counter I've ever seen in my whole life (I realize this is kind of sad, but since there isn't VS in Shrewsbury or Hong Kong...)

So, as you can see- it's not a lot and I've already opened most of it- I basically brought a backup of two of my favorite drugstore foundations ever (major love <3), both by Bourjois and they are the Healthy Mix (medium coverage) and the 10 Hour Sleep Effect (light to medium coverage). Since it was buy 3 get the cheapest free at Boots, I also got one of my fav concealers (high end and drugstore wise)- the Kick Ass Concealer Kit by Soap & Glory in Light, I adore the creamier one of the two concealers that comes with each set and although it is quite pricy for drugstore makeup, it is well worth it in my opinion ^^ I then went back to Boots again to get a Maybelline Gel Liner in Brown, which I also love but am running out of. See what I did there to save myself some money? XD Unfortunately, I lost the brush it comes with within the first 3 hours of opening it ><

Got a few perfumes also, another bottle of Un Jardin Sur Le Toit for HK (one is for in the UKs- I hate traveling with perfumes, my heart has broken so many times over spilt or broken bottles), Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint, which is very crisp and unisex despite it's notes, the original Lolita Lempicka EdP since my other bottle leaked (one of the victims of my travels) and a Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist in Strawberries & Champagne =]

From the more luxury and expensive brands that weren't available at Boots but were at Duty Free- I got a Chanel Hand Cream- this is my second tube- I got my first from my brother's (very rich) friend's mom for my birthday last year, a Burberry Lipstick in Devon Sunset and a MAC clickie-pen Sheen Supreme Lipglass in Jasmine Honey.


On the subject of broken things from traveling, look what happened to one of my Dior palettes after I came back to Hong Kong...

*Heartbreak* T^T

This palette (250 Seascape), was the first entirely cool colored based palette that ever worked with my pale asian skintone, and the colors were deliciously pastel and macaroon-like too!

One shadow completely cracked on me all over my luggage (a bright baby blue) and 3 of the color pans fell out, so I had to stick them back on with super glue...


On a brighter note, I got to indulge in some expensive food while I was the airport (wait a mo- what airport food isn't costly?!?!), thanks to my dad who graciously told me to eat at the same seafood bar as his friend. So my meal ended up being paid by EPS- aka. dad (gosh- I'm spoilt rotten >3<"), firstly because I did not have enough cash on me to pay for it and secondly because I would never buy anything like it for myself- here is part of it just to give you an idea (pictures weren't allowed apparently) - ruined the 'freshness' of the seafood or something since it uses flash -.-" Doesn't help that since the bar is located near the gates the lighting is quite dim too (my flight was at 11 at night XP)

Took a bite first so it didn't look as suspicious
just sitting there in front of me so I could take a pic XD
Doesn't it look... I dunno- glamourous? You kinda get why I wouldn't have enough cash on my for it right? XD

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