Wednesday, 4 April 2012

r e v i e w ~ rosarium of rabbits

I received a package from DBeauty shop last month to review- they sent me two pairs of pink lenses. Today, I'll be reviewing the first pair, they are the Max Pure Circle Lenses in pink.

Color/Design: These lenses have a very large hole for the iris area that creates the illusion of big pupils , especially if you have darker eyes and big pupils to start with like me because of the contrast between a light and dark color, there are no 'harsh lines' in these lenses and everything is blended together. A ashy brown is used instead of black as the outer rim, fading with a star design into a lilac-y baby pink and back into the brown which has a gradient design towards the pupil 'hole'.

Comfort: These lenses are very smooth (the actual lenses) and they also have quite a high water content, making them very comfortable to wear. Maybe not as comfortable as something thinner than it (base curve 8.6)- but very comfortable netherless. Mine are in 2.00 and 2.00 prescription and prescriptive lenses tend to be thicker also.

Enlargement: Marketed at the average 14.5mm- they are only supposed to offer subtle enlargement, however paired with it's light color and design, it gives the illusion of enlargement of up to that of a 15mm's


  1. awe, you have a very beautiful pair of eyes!

  2. ahhh that color looks so good with your complexion and eye makeup!!

  3. this look is so pretty they and the contacts realy look amazing with the makeup.