Monday, 23 April 2012

Tea for Two

My newest tutorial... it's the first look of my "Spring Series" I'll be doing from April through the end of May ^^ I'm trying out a new editing style for these tutorials- so please tell me how you feel about this one! =]

It's a neutral smokey eye since brown smokey eyes are my favorite looks and this one is flattering for all eye shapes because of it's subtle wing that is just in between a horizontal and downwards wing (because the end is smudged out).

This is suitable for all events, you just have to dress it up or down with a different blush and/or lipstick colour!

There's a little problem with filming this April here in the UKs because it keeps on raining- this was filmed right after a shower of rain so the lighting was super bright (and turned me orange because of all the wood furniture in my room...).

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