Saturday, 5 May 2012

catching raindrops

I'm a bit late to update my blog with videos (since I like to keep my blog my textual i guess?).


Rain is the constant companion of Spring no matter which country I'm in, sometimes I love the rain, but sometimes the rain can seem depressing if you're alone and stranded since it makes the skies grey.

However, without rain we cannot have rainbows. So, in the mean time, while waiting for your own rainbow, use bright colours to complete your look on any day you feel down.

Since my last tutorial was a neutral one, I decided that the next spring look had to be a colorful one XD Once again, I'm trying out a new editing style- so please tell me how you feel about it.

There's a little problem with filming this April here in the UKs because it keeps on raining- this was filmed, literally, during a rainy day so the lighting was super unstable (and turned me orange-ish because of all the wooden furniture in my room...).


The second video of my Spring Series (that I will be uploading another video for soon, I think I'll upload it next week ^^)- the next one will have a more soft and romantic feel~

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