Thursday, 17 May 2012

r e v i e w ~ J'adore Les Levres

Finally doing another niche "smaller" company review!

SweetPea & Fay J'adore Le Levres is the first thing I'll be reviewing from my haul... funny how I'm reviewing a product named I Love Lips in French when I just had my listening test today and should be studying for my French reading/writing test tomorrow...

Each tube of J'adore Le Levres comes with 10.5g of product and each tube comes shrink wrapper. They are supposed to be super pigmented, have a creamy texture and a soft vanilla scent. You can apply and blot for a more lipstick like look, or build up for a lip gloss look.

Here are the colors I ordered...
Click on the image to enlarge! The quality of the pic isn't the best-
but at least you can see the coverage of lip lines.
Note: I do swatches with any lip primer, lip balm or any type of base. All swatches were edited to put names on the picture and even out my skintone- none of the actual product was edited.

My lips with no lipcolor apart from lip balm and an "original picture" with no editing (feel free to use this as a comparison for all the other colors):

Only with lipbalm, my lips are naturally quite pink
Crazy Cab, as you can see, there's some smudged lipstick on the
right corner of my lips, and lot of scarring on my chin and upper lip area - this
was all edited out, a warm filter was also put on my skin.

Neutral peach pink
The only color that could possible be considered "nude" of the batch. I think this is the color I will run out of first as it reminds me of one of my favorite MAC lipsticks in Shy Girl. This applied like a dream, completely opaque and creamy.

Tea Cups
Light neon pink
Tea Cups was a little hard to get out of the tube. This seems to be a problem with all the lighter colors that I got. Similar to how white paint is always the stiffest to get out of the tube- Tea Cups was the hardest to get out as well. Netherless, I'm in love with it! It's like a creamier, more opaque version of MAC's Melrose Mood (LE from the Heatherette Collection) and Viva Glam Gaga (the first one!)

Pink coral with peach undertones
The other more wearable shade along with Ranunculus. If you know me, you know I love corals- and j'adore Beluga~ It's a gorgeous pinky coral or coral pink. The formula was impeccable! Both Beluga and Ranunculus have great formulas that are just as the website states. Creamy. Opaque. Non-drying.

Crazy Cab
Bright yellow with gold undertones
Crazy Cab was the one I had to use the most product for to create the same finishing as the others. This one just didn't seem as opaque as the others- although it still is opaque it just went on a bit patchy. I love how the color has slight gold tone to it so it didn't make my skin look uber yellow- but just more tan. Gorgeous!

Scuba Gear
Soft neon mint
In the tube it looks slightly duller and more yellow toned than it actually is. Almost like the paler less saturated version of grass, but on my lips the color goes more blue and pastel- becoming more of seafoamy, minty shade. The formula for this is great! It went on very creamy and opaque, a little streaky when I used a lip brush, but easily fixable.

Bright medium neon bue
Opaque, creamy and bright. I think this one has the best formula of all the liquid lipsticks! Best part? It's a really really neon-like blue. This is the brightest color of all the liquid lipsticks I ordered.

Pale gray-ish blue
On SweetPea and Fay's Nordic appears a lot more blue than in real life. Nordic looks almost completely gray in the tube, but when applied- the blue magically comes out! Nordic was a bit stiff to get out of the tube, but on the lips the formula quickly becomes soft.

Pale gray-ish lilac
Another gray-ish shade~ I'm really impressed that SweetPea and Fay's grays do not wash me out and give my lips a white cast. Out of the two light gray toned shades, Heliotrope is my preferred (just because lavenders are always my bias) Although another one that was just a tad bit stiff in the tube, this also warmed up easily on my lips and is the creamiest of the three "stiffer" shades (Tea Cups, Nordic and this).

The Good:
- Opaque in one coat
- Creamy and not drying
- All natural ingredients, nothing I can't pronounce
- Wide range of colors (they're blendable too! Mixes just like paint~)
- Versatility of products
- Squeeze tube = hygienic
- Affordable (Considering how little you need for each application, at $7.99 they are total bargains! You can even catch them on sale!)
- Customer service, since I stay in England for school shipping takes ages~ I was worried about not receiving it so I sent a message on their FB asking (about stuff like shipping time... etc) and I received a reply within 8 hours!
- No animal testing

The interchangeables:
- Does not stain (the ones that do stain will come with a message on the website)
- The smell~ I personally LOVE it! It's smells like vanilla frosting... smells even better than my beloved MAC lip range
- Simple packaging, SweetPea and Fay take a minimalistic approach to packaging, personally I quite like it- I think it looks clean and sweet.
- Wear time, I find that I get average wear time if I apply just with a lip brush (around 3-4 hours?), but if I apply one layer- blot- and apply a second I get up to 5 or 6 hours

The Bad:
- Requires a lip brush, cannot apply straight out of tube... at least for me- if you have small lips it is incredibly hard! If you're not used to using a lip brush (like me ><), the application process can be a little messy and time consuming
- Product can be hard to get out of tube (because of how stiff the lipstick is) for some of the lighter colors

Having some fun...

From L-R: Heliotrope, Nordic, Yeti, Scuba Gear,
Crazy Cab, Beluga, Tea Cups, Ranunculus
From L-R: Tea Cups, Crazy Cab - both under base of Beluga
From L-R: Tea Cups, Scuba Gear, Yeti
Warm undertones: Crazy Cab, Scuba Gear, Beluga
Cool undertones: Yeti, Tea Cups, Nordic, Heliotrope
My favorites: Scuba Gear, Ranunculus, Tea Cups

Interesting discovery:
If you leave them on your skin/lips long enough even the colors that have supposedly "matte" finishes go glossy, also they all contain some very tiny shimmers~

I would definitely purchase again if possible! However, since I'm on a tight student budget my next purchase may have to wait a while. I'm eyeing some more of the liquid lipsticks and eyeshadows. I'm in love with these liquid lipsticks and would love to try more soon. I'll be doing a Youtube review soon so you guys can see how pigmented these lipsticks are! =]

I am not sponsored to do this review, all products were purchased by me and these are all my own opinions. If you are interested in sponsoring my blog (>400 followers) or my youtube channel (>3700 subscribers) for a review or giveaway please feel free to contact me at:, I am currently looking for sponsors to offer products for a giveaway/contest in June.


  1. i love how you did the multi colored lip! so nice! I like Scuba Gear and Tea Cups. :D

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