Monday, 23 July 2012


Happy ZUTARA week everybody! XD

I've accomplished many things this week including uploading new videos... trimming new wigs... decorating iPhone covers... and making an A4 sized cutout of fire-bending (in water!)

I'm signing in with a 9-koma selca selection <3


By the way guys, gonna warn you to NEVER drink any of the pictured Dragonball sodas - if you're allergic to orange juice (I found out the hard way T^T), my brother played a prank on me saying it's lemonade...

Recently, I got asked what I order the most of when it comes to sushi...
So here's my answer XD This is basically my order every time, and then I'll have other stuff, like sweet shrimp, scallops or urchin ^^

9 pieces of salmon~ nomnomnom
Do you know what it is? It's foie gras sushi XD
I also got a white iPhone case this week, the ones with the little colour cubes and I customized it also =]
My new customized Watanuki Banri iPhone case
(only one in the world~!)
I few shots of the paper-cutting process and the final product of my firebender to commemorate 2012 Zutara Week ^^

See you guys soon ;3

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Soufeel Bracelet {Review}

Recently, I was contacted by, asking whether or not I'd be willing to do a review for their new charm bracelets (that have been super popular around the fashion and blogging sphere online, along with being spotted on celebrities). My package came safely in a bubble wrapped parcel and inside was a beautifully neat looking gift bag and my bracelet inside a Tiffany-esque ribboned white gift box with a silver jewelry cleaning cloth.

I had the pleasure of being able to choose my own bracelet and charms. Mine has a very distinctively summery color theme with warm peachy woods and clear shades of cool ocean. Apart from the scintillating rhinestone studded enamel charm, all the other charms are made of sterling silver and glass.

If you follow me on facebook, you'll know just how in love I am with my bracelet- it's everything I expected and more! 

Soufeel advises you to add at least 1-2cm onto your wrist measurement for charm bracelet, but I added quite a lot more (mine is 13.5cm, but the smallest was 18cm... ><"), and it was actually really good, because once the charms are on the bracelet, it's circumference really does decrease. So, rather than just 1-2cm, I would highly recommend you guys going up at least 3cm.

I chose a peachy light brown colored leather bracelet (Paper Qualities of Basic Bracelet) first; if you're going to start making your own bracelet, I highly recommend you start from the bracelets rather than charms, it makes the whole color scheme a lot easier to work with when you actually start with charms (since the amount of bracelets there are is much less than the thousands of charms available). Soufeel also offer sterling silver chains (that is great for all the animal lovers and non-silver allergic girls out there!).

The first charm I have is the Three Pearl Eggs In Bird's Nest Charm, which features three small pearls in a intricate looking sterling silver bird's nest. This charm to me represents family and is also the birthstone charm on my bracelet, since pearls are one of the many birthstones of June (wishing myself a belated happy sweet 16 this year~).

Yellow With Colorful Crystal Round Charm is the only rhinestone charm on my bracelet, and for good reason! The enamel of this charm merges beautifully with my bracelet and the peachy tones seem to blend to create the effect that only the multicolored rhinstones are floating on my bracelet! The blue rhinestones also make my blue glass charms really stand out.

While I use my Asian nickname -Syuri- online, my English name is actually Jasmine, instead of choosing a blatantly flowery design to represent me, I decided to go with a sterling silver vintage inspired charm. Hcarved Flower Basket Butterfly Charm has a slight typo, but the charm itself is perfect. The tiny flowers and butterflies make it look very girly and sweet. The slightly slanted opening also leaves a small opening so that you can see the beautiful color of the leather.

According to Chinese feng shui, girls born in the year of the fire rat tend to have quick tempers and be a little impulsive (and that is all amazingly true ><), blue is supposed to be the nullifying color (blue = water) and I chose two blue charms for it, one of them being the Cut Bright Light Blue Glass Charm. These cut glass charms come in just about every color to fit any person and outfit =]

The website lied to me with the Hollow Ball With A Cute Parrot Dangle Charm, instead of what I was expecting ('a cute parrot'), I received an 'slightly angry looking rabbit' instead! While I don't necessarily mind because it is still adorable- mind you, the rabbit looks like B.A.P.'s mascot- I really think that the website should fix this. Netherless, the sterling silver dangle charm really makes the bracelet look more unique and gives it a center point to let you focus on beading with.

As soon as I saw the monkey charms, I knew I need one since I would be reminded of all three even with only one. Out of all three the Speak No Evil Charm stood out to me the most instead of hear no evil and see no evil, because it is the only one you do to others, whilst the others apply more to you blocking out the action of others.

I chose the Cut Bright Light Purple Glass Charm when I realized that out of my favorite three colors -white, blue and purple- only one was missing. I love how you can see through the glass on these charms, the cut bright glass charms (both blue and purple) seem to glow under flash photography- they look absolutely breathtaking under disco and ultraviolet lighting too!

My favorite silver charm of all the ones received, the Lovely Round Snake Charm is as cute as puppies with loose fur after blow drying (if you've ever washed and blowdried your dog, you know what I'm talking 'bout!). Being the Slytherin Potterhead that I am, I just had to have it. The coiled shape of this charm looks neat and detailed without being too over the top. Also, serpents are a symbol of protection in Buddhism.

Just like the other blue bead, the Deep With Light Blue Stripes Murano Glass Bead acts as a reminder and guard for me. The only difference is that it's a murano glass bead. Murano glass art originated from Venice, one of my favorite places of all time. One of my dreams is to see it snow in Venice! (The last time I went was in the middle of Summer T^T). Soufeel also offer more intricately patterned murano glass beads with different color combinations.

All of Soufeel's charm will fit on Pandora and Chamilia jewelry, and vice versa- you can use Pandora and Chamilia charms on your Soufeel bracelet. Since the quality of these charms and bracelets are just as great qualities as Pandora's (super) pricey bracelets, Soufeel's jewelry is great value for your money since the price is considerably lower.

Customer service (as least what I got) was superb, as some of you might know, I had a bit of technical difficulties with my video camera/computer/phone lately and basically disappeared off the face of the internet. Analina (the lady I had the pleasure of working with) was extremely patient (she was dealing with a very annoyed 16 year old afterall ><) and understanding. She answered all my concerns promptly (including how to take care of and open my bracelet) and concisely. also offers an amazing 365-day return and exchange policy along with free both-way shipping internationally.

I was sent the bracelet for review purposes, I am not being compensated in any form to say or express any opinions that are not of my own. All pictures, photos, and videos are my own; please link back to me if used.

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