Monday, 23 July 2012


Happy ZUTARA week everybody! XD

I've accomplished many things this week including uploading new videos... trimming new wigs... decorating iPhone covers... and making an A4 sized cutout of fire-bending (in water!)

I'm signing in with a 9-koma selca selection <3


By the way guys, gonna warn you to NEVER drink any of the pictured Dragonball sodas - if you're allergic to orange juice (I found out the hard way T^T), my brother played a prank on me saying it's lemonade...

Recently, I got asked what I order the most of when it comes to sushi...
So here's my answer XD This is basically my order every time, and then I'll have other stuff, like sweet shrimp, scallops or urchin ^^

9 pieces of salmon~ nomnomnom
Do you know what it is? It's foie gras sushi XD
I also got a white iPhone case this week, the ones with the little colour cubes and I customized it also =]
My new customized Watanuki Banri iPhone case
(only one in the world~!)
I few shots of the paper-cutting process and the final product of my firebender to commemorate 2012 Zutara Week ^^

See you guys soon ;3


  1. im sorry to hear what happened with the orange soda >,< Nice work with the firebender :D its really pretty, the sushi looks so yummy, i really miss eating sushi~ Gulp~

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  3. wooww thats really nice artwork!hehe <3

  4. omg. you are so cute *-* find your blog very lovely and interesting


  5. Much love,