Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Light Makeup for October

Lighter makeup has been what I've been wearing so far into October, and I've uploaded two videos on the looks I generally do - one everyday look and another for... the weekends and special events?

Hope you like them ^^

Cosplay Makeup Tutorials

Sooooo- as most of your guys may know I'm a cosplayer (albeit not a super active one because of my situation), and since these were requested quite a lot, I decided to upload a few cosplay makeup tutorials....

Feast your eyes? XD

New Videos & updates

Sorry I'm been so quiet lately on my blog and basically gone... missing!

English and art course-works are taking hold of my life atm >< But anyways, I'm going to start posting on my blog again, starting with updating you guys on my new videos if you haven't seen them also ^^

In case you guys haven't heard the news yet- I have also recently become a partner!

Cue- cheering in a loner like state in my friend's room while we're chilling on our bed XD

My friends Lynn & Ivy have also recently started blogging, and if you didn't know already my friend Emma (whom you may remember from my Paris Haul) are all funding money for our Outllook Expedition to Costa Rica to help out with the local charities (in particular, families with children in need of housing, food and education), their blogs and my Youtube channel are our main sources of funding for our trip (a small part of it anyway ^^).

So... on to the new(er) videos!



I didn't realize that I hadn't updated my blog in so long XD


Remember the days when I would update my blog with each new video?