Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Goo-Hoarder's Storage System {Part 1: School}

I'm sure you guys are all aware of the term 'goo-hoarding', as presented by JennaMarbles- it refers to -quite literally- the hoarding of anything 'goo-ey', well-actually: makeup in general, as they are mostly emulsions (with the exception of powders- which these days, are most likely infused with some sort of 'goo' anyway...).

This is part 1 of a two-part post and I'll be focusing on the stuff I have at school in the UKs first, I wanted to clean up my drawers a bit and this is why I've decided to do this post- to show you what my updated storage system of makeup in my dorm room is ^^

Since my room in the dorm building is tiny (although it's already one of the bigger rooms, since I had quite good luck the day we did room-number-drawings), and we only have a few drawers/cupboards provided by the school, my makeup is limited to being stored in a small drawer under my table (which was probably designed for stationery)~
The top layer is where I store all my 'face' makeup, such as foundations, base/primers, bb creams, powders... etc; blushes and contour/highlight powders; along with my lip products- this layer is the one that I have tidied up a bit since I took these pictures (since I decided to tidy up the drawers further when I was packing my makeup to come back to HK)... The top drawer now has three (one for 'colored' powders, another for base makeup and another for lips) separate sections as opposed to the two shown.

As you can see- I am a huge hoarder of bb creams- lip products and anything blush related XD
You can kinda tell that these pictures were taken a while back
(in Nov) since I don't have my new 'mint blushes' and
Guerlain Perles du Dragon in there yet XD
Anyway- I basically cut up any paper boxes I receive in the mail (since I receive quite a lot >< my classmates can tell you all about that XD) and stick them into the drawer to use as separators- however, since the drawers are quite shallow, not all boxes work and therefore I have not been able to start sorting out my bottom drawer yet... T^T

Onto my next drawer...

In my second drawer I keep all my all my eye products and anything I have yet to open (eg. my Stila brushes in this photo since it was taken a while back.... I've already opened and used them as you can tell by my videos XD).

The 'stick formed' products are all on the left side of the drawer, with my gel type products (eg. gel liners, paint pots, fluidlines, cream shadows) underneath and my lashes and pigments at the back. All the rest are products with a hard box covering them (eg. unopened cosmetics and palettes).
I hope this post has given you an idea of how I store my cosmetics in a small space since a lot of your were wondering how I keep track of all my products even though I keep on moving between countries ^^