Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Dinner

Sooo~ On the 1st this month (December ^^), my form's little baby girl- Lynn celebrated her sweet sixteen. We also had our school Christmas Dinner and we went to the Christmas Disco as well... here are some photos from the night...

the only photo where you can see my full dress with a front view XD
My brother is now taller than me T^T
I wore a long robin's egg blue dress that was shorter at the front than the back. I'm going to have a tutorial up for my makeup that night up soon also (which I will link here as soon as it's up).

Look at what I received in my cracker! XD

with Min~~
this everybody- is the super sour lemon cheesecake >x<"
everybody but me liked it- it was just way to sour for my liking~
with Min, and YooShin ^^
After the dinner, we went to the Theatre to watch some mini-films our form made and took some pictures with each other =] Me and Ivy managed to snag Tim's secret santa gift (that ultra cute super mega fluffy and very huggable huge teddy bear) and take a photo with it~ Much to our chagrin- one of the guys had to go name that poor teddy- Hentai -.-"

do you recognize her from my last video?
It's Ivy! with.. um... Hentai *insert wince* (Tim's teddy XD)
With Tina and Bonnie~ they're both super gorg right?!?! ^^

As I said before, it was our baby girl's birthday- so of course we would have to go get cake, we got a triple chocolate cake and a tiramisu (my favorite cake ever- have you guys ever tried COVA's italian cheesecake? Heaven in a bite! ><)

The triple chocolate cake was supper rich and filling and everyone couldn't eat more than a piece, whereas we cleared the whole tiramisu XD

the cakes~ both are from Marksies (since we're low on budget,
 but they're still great quality cakes!)
Our birthday girl! (she looked super pretty in this shot right!?!? Credits to me of course XD)
Since we went back to the dorms to celebrate I also took the time to change out of my dress to proper "dance-able" clothes since my dress kept on falling! I'll probably have a OOTN video for it uploaded soon which I'll link here because it was requested by a few viewers.

look at us camwhoring XD
Lynn's heel XD
woot woot~ I love wearing my thongs (flip flops to those that
don't speak Australian) in the dorm even when I'm all dressed up!
The shirt is super cute right? ^^