Friday, 7 December 2012

Mint-tin Blushes? {Cusotmized Blushes}

I've recently been obsessed with 'customized' things- and the idea of a new blush seemed like something perfect to do when I discovered that I actually have quite a few broken blushers.

I first started by emptying the crushed powder of the blushes into an empty mint tin (that's cleaned and sterilized of course ^^). If you want, you can create patterns on the blushes- depending on whether you want the design to grow straight through the blush, you'll need to decide on this step.

The highlighter is a mix of theBalm's Mary LouManizer and a bit of  MAC's Peachy Keen,
along with an over patterning of Maybelline's Mineral Blush in True Peach
The blush is actually my broken Body Shop Shimmer and Matte Blush with Benefit's Throb,
the effect is a really girly peach pink
If you want the design on the blush to go straight through the whole powder- you'll need to sort it into the pattern here while the powder is still dry. However if you want an 'overspray' type of design, you can add it later.

Add a few drops of toner to your powder and if you have any- a moisture spray or makeup setting spray- DO NOT mix it in with the powder if you want a pattern. If you don't, or would prefer an overspray design- feel free to.

Covering the blush with a piece of tissue paper- DO NOT push down onto the damp powder, add on the little plastic tray compartment that comes with tinned mints to keep the powder from flying.

Then, blast it for around 30 seconds with the strongest hairdryer you have on full heat!

The blush should not be completely dry yet, now is the time to add on any overspray designs you want if you desire.

After it has cooled down a bit (around 30 seconds again), blast it anytime with the hairdryer until it's completely dry. If it's still a little damp around the edges of the powder, just leave it to air dry.

And your own customized blush is done! They're super simple, and with a bit of practice, really smooth blushes can be made, if you use tins/box/containers that are cuter- they would make great gifts too! I personally find the idea of having blushes in mint tins super cute >w<


  1. What a great idea. I'll definitely try this too. ♥

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