Thursday, 17 January 2013

Review: BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream

BRTC's Jasmine Water BB Cream is supposed to be moisturizing because of jasmine water, and its targeted to those with younger, dry and sensitive skin (me me me!). But this could also work with your skin if you have normal of combination skin also, as it has a semi-matte to matte finish depending on how oily your skin is.

A really great thing about BRTC's bb creams are that they do not test on animals.
A pretty purple (and unhygienic) squeeze tube XP
This claims to have 3 main functions:
UV protection

Medium and build able, but any more than 2 thin layers and this starts to look cakey
Sun Protection Factor:
SPF 30, with PA++


It only has 1 shade. The colour is a pale beige, around MAC's NW25. with peachy pink undertones
Shade I have that are  similar
Overview and comparison chart for BB Cream Shades
Typical Asian BB cream texture , it squeezes out quite creamy, but as you rub it out it's not very thick a little of this goes a long way- however this has a short wet-to-dry time, so you need to work quite fast with it
Subtle floral scent that isn't actually like jasmines- but actually reminds me a bit of playdoh, which is why I don't really like the scent- however, it goes away after a few minutes

Lasting Power:
Average and it'll last me 5 to 6 hours easily (used with a setting powder), this does not transfer

Some of the ingredients that could affect your skin:
- Arbutin can whiten your skin gradually by inhibiting melanin
- Adenosine is an anti-flammatory ingredient that is also wrinkle preventing
- Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide are present as uv protectors
- Sweet almond oil and Jasmine extract hydrate the skin
- Purslane extract (also known as Portulaca Oleracea extract) is full of omega 3 fatty acids associated with anti-aging
- Parahydroxybenzoate and Phenoxyethanol which may cause allergic reactions. Phenoxyethanol is restricted for use in japan as it can irritate the skin and eyes
- Isopropyl Palmitate can irritate skin because it contains alcohol and cause acne as it clogs pores
- As with all bb creams, there are quite a lot of emulsifiers and silicones, so you may want to try and shake the bottle well before use and also read through the ingredients online to check if you're allergic to any of the ingredients

Overall, I really like this bb cream even though I'm not crazily in love with it. It does what it promises and if used consecutively for a long period of time, the whitening effects are really noticeable.  I would highly recommend this for those of you with: dry fair skin who don't really need a lot of coverage, but would just like to even out your skin-tone and take away any redness. And to those who are just trying out Asian BB creams because you can really see results on your skin in a relatively short period of time after using this.


  1. I think it's really interesting how it's based on Jasmine Water. I've never heard of a bb cream like this before.
    Also. your face. is. very. beautiful. *stare*

  2. Thanks for giving out swatches from other bb creams too, it give me a relative idea on what might work on me or not. Thanks for the review ^^.

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