Sunday, 31 March 2013

Illasmasqua Easter Hunt 2013 Final Day: Lipstick Shades

If you weren't aware already- I've skipped Day 2 and 3 since I've got no interest in their nail polish or pigments... naughty me XP Anyway- here's the list of shades on sale for the final day of the Easter Hunt (today!)

The clue for today (the final say): A stolen kiss awaits your lips. Make sure you stick around.

1. Melt - Warm gold nude, shimmer finish

2. Eurydice - Bright fuchsia pink, matter finish
3. Pristine - Pure black, matte finish

4. Scandal - Warm coral pink

5. Atomic - Fuchsia violet

6. Sangers - Blood red

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Illasmasqua Easter Hunt 2013 Day One: Eyeshadow Shades

If you weren't aware already- Illamasqua is holding a Easter Hunt for the following bank holiday, where you have the chance to buys their products for up to 45% off the initial price. However, they price reduction only applies to a few selected shades that require you to "hunt down"

Therefore, Ivy and me were going crazy, searching through each shade of the Illamasqua and looking for the ones on sale- and alas- we found them XD

Since I'm sure not everyone wants or has the time to do that though- here's a list of the shades on sale for the following few "days of Easter" ^^

The clue for day one: Look beyond the shadows to uncover an exclusive, hidden discount. Keep your eyes peeled.

1. Vapour - Tangerine, matte finish

2. Pivot - Yellow green

3. Justify - Cool sandy brown

4. Tango - Rich copper bronze, shimmer finish

5. Wolf - Rich chocolate brown, matte finish

6. Inception - Rich violet, matte finish

I hope you guys find this list useful for your Easter hunting! A happy shopping spree to everyone =]

(If you guys want to use this list, please credit back to me)

Monday, 25 March 2013

Bad Kitty~!

If you didn't know already- I love anything with animal motifs or prints- so I'm super exited for this post! ^^

Recently, OASAP sent me a hoodie to show you guys and it features a cat print in the middle of it... the best part? It's currently on sale for $30USD only (lowered from it's $40 until the 15th of April)! It has two differently coloured sleeves and it's called the Color Block Sleeve Cat Print Hoodie (I'm kind of mad at the Americanized spelling of 'color' XP).

Since it was snowing outside, me and Lynn (my photographer <3) took full advantage of the gorgeous white light- here comes the photos!

Surprisingly it was warmer than expected since it was the last day of snow. The shoot came out really well right? ^^

Edt. March 25th:
Some people were reacting quite strongly towards the amount I'm supposedly wearing here, just thought I'd clear up some things. I'm actually wearing up to 6/7 layers on my torso under the hoodie, two pairs of tights (a nude pair and a two-tone pair), another pair of shorts underneath the shorts you see (that sounds a bit awks XD) and socks over my tights too. For those that said I'm immune to the cold- no, I'm not, I just know how to dress like I am ^^

Monday, 18 March 2013

Red Nose Day

How did you guys spend last Friday (the 15th)?

Since it was Red Nose Day our school decided that after school we would hold inter-boarding house activities /a competition/ in the sports hall, cake stands, ice cream and other things were also done to raise money. We even had fireworks at night (which I unfortunately missed since I was eating dinner >3<)!

My boarding house's supposed 'uniforms' were our house hoodie, coincidentally red- since our boarding house is known as Red House thanks to it red bricks- and a red ribbon in our hair ^^

Here's some photos from the day~
Edited photo since my face was makeup-less XD
Anyway, it shows you  the 'redness' of our uniforms right?
My second scoop of ice cream, I had to finish one scoop before
remembering to take a photo~ (we tried to sing Hyuna's Ice Cream in the line,
but we ended up being regarded as idiots XP)- Mint Choc is the best!!! 
Took a picture of Min's hair also~ since I did her braid for
her on the side of her head she couldn't see it- so I took a photo XD
Red velvet cake~ the icing was so creamy <3

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sephora Jasmine Collection Giveaway

I don't know if you guys know already- but my English name is Jasmine (well... my Youtube account is called "Jasmine Yeung" XD), so naturally I've been lusting over Sephora's Jasmine Collection which was collaborated with Disney.

However- due to certain circumstances of me being in England, and us not having Sephora, I'm unable to get my hands on it T^T

The good news?

Ashley at Beauty and the Bold is hosting a Sephora Jasmine Collection Giveaway!

For the people out there who live in the UKs or have been living without ever going into a Sephora store (MEMEMEME!), you'll be glad to know that this giveaway is international!

The first prize is a Magic Carpet Ride Eyeshadow Palette (pictured below)

and the second prize is a Jasmine Mini Nail Polish Collection (pictured below)
Personally, I'm hoping for the palette just because Royal Mail doesn't allow nail polishes through the post ><

To join the giveaway click here!