Monday, 25 March 2013

Bad Kitty~!

If you didn't know already- I love anything with animal motifs or prints- so I'm super exited for this post! ^^

Recently, OASAP sent me a hoodie to show you guys and it features a cat print in the middle of it... the best part? It's currently on sale for $30USD only (lowered from it's $40 until the 15th of April)! It has two differently coloured sleeves and it's called the Color Block Sleeve Cat Print Hoodie (I'm kind of mad at the Americanized spelling of 'color' XP).

Since it was snowing outside, me and Lynn (my photographer <3) took full advantage of the gorgeous white light- here comes the photos!

Surprisingly it was warmer than expected since it was the last day of snow. The shoot came out really well right? ^^

Edt. March 25th:
Some people were reacting quite strongly towards the amount I'm supposedly wearing here, just thought I'd clear up some things. I'm actually wearing up to 6/7 layers on my torso under the hoodie, two pairs of tights (a nude pair and a two-tone pair), another pair of shorts underneath the shorts you see (that sounds a bit awks XD) and socks over my tights too. For those that said I'm immune to the cold- no, I'm not, I just know how to dress like I am ^^


  1. Oh! That looks so pretty~ I love the cat stockings, and it must be cold for you!

  2. I love your outfit ! So lovely ! :)

  3. Great photos ^^ You look just lovely.

  4. May I ask what your height/weight is? I love your figure!! ^ ^

  5. Much love,
    "Nice <3