Thursday, 28 March 2013

Illasmasqua Easter Hunt 2013 Day One: Eyeshadow Shades

If you weren't aware already- Illamasqua is holding a Easter Hunt for the following bank holiday, where you have the chance to buys their products for up to 45% off the initial price. However, they price reduction only applies to a few selected shades that require you to "hunt down"

Therefore, Ivy and me were going crazy, searching through each shade of the Illamasqua and looking for the ones on sale- and alas- we found them XD

Since I'm sure not everyone wants or has the time to do that though- here's a list of the shades on sale for the following few "days of Easter" ^^

The clue for day one: Look beyond the shadows to uncover an exclusive, hidden discount. Keep your eyes peeled.

1. Vapour - Tangerine, matte finish

2. Pivot - Yellow green

3. Justify - Cool sandy brown

4. Tango - Rich copper bronze, shimmer finish

5. Wolf - Rich chocolate brown, matte finish

6. Inception - Rich violet, matte finish

I hope you guys find this list useful for your Easter hunting! A happy shopping spree to everyone =]

(If you guys want to use this list, please credit back to me)


  1. Thanks! Was doing the same. Not sure I fancy the shades though, any you can recommend?

    1. I'm currently debating between Tango & Justify- but Wolf has completely stolen my heart <3

  2. Much love,
    "You have an awesome blog <3