Sunday, 31 March 2013

Illasmasqua Easter Hunt 2013 Final Day: Lipstick Shades

If you weren't aware already- I've skipped Day 2 and 3 since I've got no interest in their nail polish or pigments... naughty me XP Anyway- here's the list of shades on sale for the final day of the Easter Hunt (today!)

The clue for today (the final say): A stolen kiss awaits your lips. Make sure you stick around.

1. Melt - Warm gold nude, shimmer finish

2. Eurydice - Bright fuchsia pink, matter finish
3. Pristine - Pure black, matte finish

4. Scandal - Warm coral pink

5. Atomic - Fuchsia violet

6. Sangers - Blood red


  1. Dear me, all of them so stunning, all of them so irresistable >;

  2. Love the Eurydice one!

  3. Much love,
    "You have a cool blog!