Monday, 18 March 2013

Red Nose Day

How did you guys spend last Friday (the 15th)?

Since it was Red Nose Day our school decided that after school we would hold inter-boarding house activities /a competition/ in the sports hall, cake stands, ice cream and other things were also done to raise money. We even had fireworks at night (which I unfortunately missed since I was eating dinner >3<)!

My boarding house's supposed 'uniforms' were our house hoodie, coincidentally red- since our boarding house is known as Red House thanks to it red bricks- and a red ribbon in our hair ^^

Here's some photos from the day~
Edited photo since my face was makeup-less XD
Anyway, it shows you  the 'redness' of our uniforms right?
My second scoop of ice cream, I had to finish one scoop before
remembering to take a photo~ (we tried to sing Hyuna's Ice Cream in the line,
but we ended up being regarded as idiots XP)- Mint Choc is the best!!! 
Took a picture of Min's hair also~ since I did her braid for
her on the side of her head she couldn't see it- so I took a photo XD
Red velvet cake~ the icing was so creamy <3


  1. The ice cream looks so yum and so does that cake!

  2. After having all those I think your face looks even more 'bao'-ish than it was. Not that it isn't kawaii, cause chubby is cute isn't it? Chubby is the new thin.

  3. Much love,
    "Nice blog <3