Saturday, 20 April 2013

10'000 Subscribers Giveaway

English version:

Canto video:

Thankyou thankyou thankyou ^^ I know this seems cliché and it's what everybody says once they reach a milestone they never thought of achieving- but I really didn't think I could ever get 10K, when I first started out on Youtube I was thinking I would never even hit 100 T^T

Considering I'm at 10.7K, I'm a bit late in doing this giveaway, but I wanted to give back to you guys. The prizes will be drawn randomly, but it's very simple to increase your chance of winning- just read on =] If I find out how to finally do screen captures, I'll also film the drawing process ^^

Since I'm partnered with Youtube, I do make money off my videos, however since I'm not particularly talented at making videos and getting more views, it severely pales in comparison to what I'm giving away.

My aim is to be able to be able to generate enough money to pay for shipping for the prizes before the giveaway ends- you can help me by sharing this video =]

Apart from the money made going into shipping costs, everything else I've made on Youtube thus far has been used to help sponsor me to go to Costa Rica this Summer where I will be taking part in an Outlook Expedition- where we will partake in community services and rainforest trekking in South America.


Runner Up Prize

Worth: $112.75 or £73.4

- GUERLAIN Meteorites Perles: 01 Teint Rose
- MISSHA Love Secret Hand Cream
- ETUDE HOUSE Sweet Recipe Candy Stick: Lemon
- EOS Gray Circle Lenses 0.00 Plano/No Prescription


Grand Prize

Worth: $121.75 or £79.2

- YSL Touche Eclat
- BENEFIT Big Beautiful Eyes Palette
- MISSHA Love Secret Hand Cream: Cherry Blossom
- EOS Violet Circle Lenses 0.00 Plano/No Prescription


How to join (do in this order):

1. Subscribe to my channel:

2. Like my facebook page:

3. Follow me on my instagram:

4. -cancelled step due to large amount of people saying the tagging function on facebook doesn't work-

5(a). Find the photo shown below on my facebook, "like" and leave a comment with your youtube username and tag a friend in the comments - tagging the photo will not give you an entry, only tagging in the comments work
5(b). Find the photo shown below on my instagram, "like" and leave a comment with your youtube username and tag a friend in the comments

You can do both 5(a) and 5(b) for double the amount of entries =] For both options of step 5, the more friends you tag in your comment, the more times you will be entered in the draw




Giveaway ends 24th May 2013
Good luck everybody ^^


  1. Hi Jasmine! <3 I just found out about your Blog and I'm completely smitten with your personality <3 Followed your blog sweetie and hope you can follow mine too. I'm a Fashion and Beauty blogger from the Philippines! <3

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