Tuesday, 16 April 2013

PMD Personal Microderm on Sale

If you guys still don't know about the blogger and youtuber sensation that is the Personal Microderm System- feel free to search up the reviews and testimonials ^^ Anyway, I've got one for myself- but since I'm in the UKs, and my mom is in HK- guess what happened? Double order -.-" So I'm selling one of them, hopefully I will be able to fund a present for my mom this way (lol) XD
Anyway, my eBay listing for it is here:

I'm listing it at 80GBP with free package and posting as an auction with a buy it offer at 120GBP, unfortunately since I am paying for shipping it's UK only... however if you guys are genuinely interested- feel free to list your offers if you live outside the UKs ^^

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